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The YiHi SXMini X-Class is a vape mod that positions itself as a nice combination of price and performance. With a solid body, a firmware upgrade feature, and an auto squonk system, the device is promising its users a lot.

But how does it actually perform and what are the potential caveats surrounding this vape box mod? Join us as we answer all these questions and many more in our SXMini X-Class review!

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SX Mini X Class kit

What’s in the Box

The device comes in a white box with the logo on top. Inside you will find the following list of items: 

  • The SXmini X Class Device
  • A MicroUSB Cable (For charging and upgrading the FW)
  • 2 Extra E-Liquid Bottle Plug
  • Instruction Manual
  • Warranty 

Generally, for the price, it is an okay option as you get everything to get started right away.  

Design and Build Quality of SX Mini X Class

Now, one of the most interesting design solutions of this product is the fact that it comes in a plastic shell. For many, this will be a turning point but we urge you to give it a second chance.

The plastic itself is of high quality and is very durable, not to mention the fact that it is also super comfortable in hands. You don’t get that plasticky feel, nor will it crack in hands. 

SX Mini X Class

As for the design, the system is an auto squonker. There is absolutely nothing special about it, and it doesn’t need to be. You get a pretty ergonomic shape of the device that will fit in a pocket (albeit, a large one), as well as you will be able to access the control buttons easily. 

Using the X Class

Speaking of controls, you have only one button in the middle of the device but at least it is multi-functional. By pressing it five times, you will power on the system, and after it is on, all you have to do is simply press it once to take a draw.

But this isn’t the only input method; the device has a capacitive screen that you can use to swipe up and down to toggle various features. 

The features include things such as an “Advanced” user mode where you can access high-level functions and a “Novice” user mode, which provides a hassle-free experience.

The screen itself is bright and you will have zero issues viewing it in direct sunlight. Overall, the box mod is pretty easy to use and requires no prior knowledge if you opt for the “Novice”. 

If you plan on using the “Advanced” mode, the included manual has a lot of explanations and tips on how to make the most of the device. Just keep in mind that it will take a while to learn all the ropes.

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SX Mini X Class back

Performance and Taste of SX Mini X Class

As for the performance, the box mod vape delivers a solid result. The taste was retained and the automatic squonking feature is actually useful. With it, you don’t have to worry that you will over-squonk, meaning that you’ll have a consistent flavor all the time.

Also, no need to squeeze the device or hold in a weird position. Simply hold it as any other vape device, press the power button, and enjoy the taste. 

The clouds, at 200W, are pretty tasty and quite big but it’s way too hot, so you should probably adjust the temperature to something like 80W.

That way, the battery life will last longer and you will have a much more manageable intake. But overall, it is okay for the price and there’s nothing major to complain about. 


The cleaning process is the same as with any vape box mod so we won’t be covering this part. To fill the device, all you have to do is detach the bottom squonk bottle from the shell and remove the rubber part to fill it in.

You then simply put it back until you hear a “click,” which indicates that it sits firmly. 

The size of the bottle itself is around 6,5 ml, which is more than enough, and it’s also quite easy to replace. But do keep in mind that it is proprietary and you will have to buy them from the vendor to ensure 100% compatibility.

To change the batteries (which should be 18650, by the way), simply switch the slider down on the bottom lid and open the compartment, pop-in the batteries in their respectful positions, and close the lid.

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Final Notes

Overall, the device is quite a novelty. The automatic squonking feature can do wonders if configured correctly. The “Novice” mode is a pretty useful function for beginners and enthusiasts that don’t like to bother with complex settings and want a streamlined experience.

The only downside of the device is that it is pretty expensive and that you won’t be able to change the squonking motor when it eventually dies.  But other than that, give it a shot, it has a lot to offer.


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