The Complete Guide to JC Classic E-Liquid

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No wonder e-liquid is an integral part of vaping. A specialized kit heats the e-liquid until it turns into vapour, where you can inhale it. From this simple concept, various products are created that suit different experience levels and tastes.

However, of all the e-liquid products you find in a vape shop, JC Classic is one of the most popular. JC Classic e-liquid has been a favourite to many in the vaping community, and its popularity is increasing.

So, what makes it stand out from the rest? Continue reading the post to learn more about JC Classic and understand its hype!

A Brief Overview of the Company

Before getting into what JC Classic is, it is important to know about the company. In the 2000s, when e-cigs began to gain popularity, Johnson Creek Enterprises was an established company in this industry. They were among a few e-juice companies that manufactured vaping products without compromising quality.

The company was ISO 9001:2008 certified and maintained high standards. That’s the reason why they have managed to create a strong foundation. The team behind Jonson Creek was on a mission to make e-liquid better.

That was the time when flavours tended to lack quality. Besides, the authenticity of the e-juice, even from a renowned vape shop, was in question. Apart from that, they decided to call their product smoke ‘juice’ to distinguish themselves from the others.

Lines of E-Liquids

In due course of time, Johnson Creek created different lines of juices and flavours. And it all began with the classic flavours specifically made for some of the top-coil clearomizers. Furthermore, they added Birchwood vegetable glycerin flavours after some time.

Also, they introduced Kiln House heritage which has a variety of tobacco flavours. The home to JC e-juices is Wisconsin, and this is where everything is made, including the famous JC Classic e-liquid.

After creating more than 30 different types of e-juice, they had to develop categories so that the users don’t find it frustrating when visiting their vape shop online. Some of the categories include tobaccos, menthols, fruits, and desserts.

In addition, you can choose high-VG, PG-free, or even PG/VG e-liquid. Moreover, you can break down the search results by selecting from Specialty, New, or Classic flavours.

What is JC Classic E-Liquid?

As said, JC Classic e-liquid is one of the flagship products of Johnson Creek, and for good reasons. When you buy JC Classic from a vape shop, you are given the option of choosing a 15ml bottle at an affordable cost.

The flavour is a bit complicated from the other e-liquids you find around. Although the taste is nutty, it bears the true flavour of tobacco. Also, the hint of vanilla and caramel accents makes the overall flavour even more enticing.

Many things go into its making, and you would experience the same when you use it. The JC Classic is made from a propylene glycol base that makes it sweet and smooth at the same time.

What Makes JC Classic One of the Best E-Liquids?

There is no denying that a flagship product has several characteristics that make it unique. And the JC Classic e-liquid is not an exception. Let’s find out why people want it above other products.

Strong Origins

The company’s primary goal is to recreate a smoking experience without using real cigarettes. They became a pioneer in the vaping community by introducing JC Classic e-liquid.

MTL Vaping

JC Classic e-liquid stands out from the rest because of its intuitive designs. They aren’t afraid to experiment with flavours and create what is called mouth-to-lung (MTL) vaping.

Real Tobacco, Real Flavour

JC Classic uses popular flavours such as Marls Tobacco or Black Cigar. As such, the flavours ensure a positive experience. Despite that, if you are searching for more breeze, you can also try other flavours. So get it from a reputable vape shop online.

Consumer Satisfaction

The company aims to keep every flavour affordable while maintaining high standards. It’s why they don’t make salt nic juices. They don’t want to give their customers high nic levels by compromising on the overall quality.

There you have it! Everything you need to know about JC Classic e-liquid. Hopefully, this guide has given you insight into all your previous burning questions and possibly craving for this particular vape juice!