UWELL Caliburn A3 Review

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uwell caliburn a3 featured image
uwell caliburn a3 featured image

The first POD systems that appeared on the vape market a few years ago aroused genuine interest among vapers, both beginners and those with considerable experience. Their main purpose is to vape liquids based on nicotine salt, thanks to which you can satisfy your nicotine hunger in just a few puffs, without getting a hard TX.

But at the same time, with the taste of such devices, problems were constantly observed. Uwell took seriously the development of POD systems, which were able to please and good taste, and they succeeded – the devices of the Caliburn series are currently considered one of the most delicious.

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Having decided once again to replenish this line, the company’s developers presented the Uwell Caliburn A3 POD kit – a slightly improved and more practical device.

General information

Uwell Caliburn A3 POD kit is a compact POD system equipped with a medium-capacity battery, designed to use replaceable cartridges with built-in mesh coils. The device is made in the traditional form factor for devices of this type – a small stick with rounded corners and edges.

Despite the simplicity of the device, it provides two options for activation – by drawing or by pressing the “fire” button, which also turns the device on and off. The device is designed to use new replaceable cartridges with a built-in mesh evaporator with a resistance of 1.0 Ohm. You can buy the Uwell Caliburn A3 POD kit in six colors – red, silver, gray, green, blue, and black.

uwell caliburn a3 colors image


Many manufacturers do not really try to pay special attention to the packaging of their devices, but in vain – this is quite important for vapers. In the case of this POD system, the situation is similar – the box contains the minimum equipment:

  • Battery pack Caliburn A3 Pod Device;
  • Two cartridges of Caliburn A3 Pods (1.0 Ohm Mesh);
  • User’s manual.

Caliburn A3 Pod Device Battery

It is difficult to find a vape manufacturer that did not mass-produce POD systems, and Uwell, a company known to all vapers, was no exception – its range includes quite a lot of devices of this format. Caliburn is considered the most famous and widest line of Uwell in the field of POD systems – it was the devices of this series that were able to gain the trust of vapers all over the world.

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But its developers do not sit still, constantly offering more and more new devices, so the appearance of the Uwell Caliburn A3 POD kit cannot be called a surprise, although the device turned out to be quite interesting and practical.

uwell caliburn a3 cartridge image

The Caliburn series devices are associated with sticks among vapers, so it is quite logical that the Uwell designers left the Caliburn A3 POD kit form factor the same – it is a small stick with rounded corners and edges, topped with a flattened mouthpiece.

The case is made of aluminum alloy, so it is a little rough and pleasant to the touch. The POD system is quite compact – 109.8 * 21.3 * 11.7 mm, and lightweight – only 31 grams, so it will take up minimal space in your pocket or purse.

The Uwell Caliburn A3 POD kit is powered by a built-in 520 mAh battery – the figure is quite small, but the battery is enough for one or two days. The battery is charged using the USB Type-C connector located at the bottom, and the manufacturer promises that the battery can be fully charged in just 15 minutes.

Although this POD system is quite simple, it runs at a constant power of about 13 watts and has a full set of protections. The device is activated both by drawing and by pressing the single “Fire” button, which is also used to lock and unlock the device by double-clicking.

At the bottom of the device, there is a rather original LED indicator, the color of which can be used to judge the battery level, activation, and charging.

Caliburn A3 Pod Cartridge

Interestingly, a new Caliburn A3 Pod cartridge has been developed for the new device, and at the moment nothing is known regarding the compatibility of the POD system with cartridges of previous releases. The cartridge is held in the battery pack with strong magnets.

The Caliburn A3 Pod Cartridge is made with a built-in 1.0ohm mesh coil, so good taste is guaranteed for the vaper. There is no airflow adjustment, but judging by the design and size of the air intake holes, the tightening is moderately tight, close to MTL.

Uwell took care of convenient refilling. In order to refill the cartridge, you just need to remove the drip tip and pour 2 ml of e-liquid into the hole equipped with a check valve.

uwell caliburn a3 refilling image

Conclusion and impression

Despite strong similarities to previous versions of Caliburn, the new Uwell Caliburn A3 POD kit POD system has a number of features, both positive and negative. The vaper will receive a compact, practical, and rather tasty device that is perfect for vaping liquids based on nicotine salts.

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Advantages and disadvantages


  • Not the greatest autonomy;
  • Lack of airflow control.


  • Compact dimensions;
  • Small weight;
  • Fast charging;
  • Cartridge on a grid on new technology;
  • Convenient refilling;
  • Two activation options.

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