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Vampire Vape Juice, based in the UK, is one of the most popular brands around the world. Today we are going to test their newly released Koncept Juice Range, which includes 10 delicious flavours. The biggest difference is that they change the PG/VG ratio from 80/20 to 70/30. This review is subjective and hopefully it will help you to choose the flavours that perfect for you.

Koncept Heisenberg Shortfill E-liquid

The fruity and icy taste gives the e-liquid a sweet and cool hit that makes for a perfect all-day-vape. Heisenberg tastes like having a nice cold drink especially in the summer days with the actual enjoyment. The fruity flavour that mainly comes from grape juice, a little bit sweet but not like bubblegum. Cooling sensation satisfies and aniseed bubbling through now and then.

Koncept Tropical Mango Shortfill E-liquid

The infusion of ripe mangos sends your taste buds into a tropical whirlwind, leaving you with an exotic juicy aroma on every inhale. It tastes as sweet and exotic freshly sliced mangoes for all those tropical lovers. The sticky and sweet deliciousness like the mangoes that just pick up from homey orchard. The smooth mango lingers a while on taste buds to take you back to the hot summer days.

Koncept Pinkman Shortfill E-liquid

Pinkman Koncept is a unique tasting e-liquid with a delicious mixture of fruit flavours but tastes of strawberries that makes the vape extra fantastic. This flavor features a vibrant colour and delivers a very smooth berry flavour. Refreshing juice almost likes having a frozen cocktail with the strawberries flavour on the seaside beach.

Koncept Sweet Lemon Pie Shortfill E-liquid

Sweet Lemon Pie is the greatest dessert that has been blended with a buttery pastry base. The lemon seeps through the buttery pastry base leaving behind a delicious syrupy aftertaste. From the first inhale, I get a biscuit taste like my mom baked it, and on exhale I get a fresh lemon flavour that tastes like sherbet lemon and makes you want more.

Koncept Simply Blackcurrant Shortfill E-liquid

The ripe and rich blackcurrant flavourings can be tasted throughout every vape. I really love the taste of blackcurrant cordial in my childhood and this vape takes me straight back there! I do enjoy its gorgeous flavour and nice smooth sensation offering by the perfect mix of blackcurrant and peppermint.

Koncept Smooth Tobacco Shortfill E-liquid

Smooth Tobacco is a decadent tobacco flavour that blends Virginia’s finest crops with smooth, creamy vanilla. You will taste creamy vanilla with the right amount sweetness on the inhale and a light tobacco finish on the exhale. If you are switching from smoking cigarettes and still miss that tobacco taste, you should try this one.

Koncept Cool Watermelon Shortfill E-liquid

Cool Watermelon features a sweet exotic fruit that has been enhanced with a cool and fresh aftertaste. On the first inhale, the sweetness like watermelon lollipop hits and lingers for a while on my taste bud, slightly strong but not overpowering. It feels like I am eating an icy watermelon that just takes out from the refrigerator on the hottest summer day.

Koncept All Day Grape Shortfill E-liquid

All Day Grape features a powerful mix of white and purple grape varieties instilled with a chilled menthol undertone for a cool and juicy draw, giving an intense fruit hit that is propelled by the ice-cold undertone. The flavour is spot on the right mix of lovely fruity grape flavour with a cooling agent. It tastes like the freshly squeezed grape juice with a pretty heavy menthol hit as well.

Koncept Catapult Shortfill E-liquid

The classic blend of fresh dark fruits which have been infused with a cool, menthol hit. Taste the blackcurrants notes on your inhale, leading to the cool Caribbean breeze and an icy menthol hit after taste. Catapult is lovely and minted but coming out with a nice sweetness that keeps on giving and lingers long on my palate. The menthol is refreshing that not taste like cough sweets.

Koncept Blood Sukka Shortfill E-liquid

Blood Sucker is a fantastic vape that jam-packed with flavour to excite and delight. On the first inhale I got a subtle taste rather than overwhelming and exhale is a sort of cherry with the ice. It is such an amazing flavour so moreish can’t get enough of that beautiful cool fruity taste with a lovely spot on aniseed menthol twist.

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The Vampire Vape New Koncept Range is an absolutely delicious collection of e-liquids. Heisenberg remains my Best Vape Juice UK, every time there’s a slightly different that offers a better grape flavour. Have you tried any of Vampire Vape Koncept juices? Kindly let me know in the comments!

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