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Vape Craft E-liquid

If you thought about Hugh Heffner of e-liquids, that’s definitely Vape Craft. Formerly known as Alternate Cig, the company have been catering high-quality, affordable e-juices to their fans for the last five years. What’s their secret?

In fact, the success lies in the dedication of vaping enthusiasts, who never stop experimenting to create the best vaping experience without the significant investment. Still, low price is not always an attraction but gets a hindering fact to those who don’t really trust in low cost.

To reassure our doubting customers in the reason of buying their e-liquids we’ve decided to describe some of their best features in our Vape Craft review.

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The first stellar quality to fall into an eye is the price. They have no rivals in this field. The moderate intense vaper will use 120 ml for a month. A bottle of this size costs from $15 to $25 in the average.

The low price is explained by usage of acetoin and acetyl propionyl, known for their low value. The prices may jump up if more expensive alternatives are used, as they advertise in their second version of products.


As a famous company offering pleasant-tasting products, the Vape Craft can’t use the low-quality ingredients. Otherwise, they would lose their customers.

Concerning compatibility with different standards, these guys play fair. They include vegetable glycerin and propylene glycol approved by United States Pharmacy (USP), and food-grade natural and artificial flavors of GRAS standard.

They don’t include diacetyl, a compound usually considered as not safe, but often used in e-liquids to produce the buttery taste. The only flaw in this string of merits is the contents of acetoin and acetyl propionyl used to substitute diacetyl. Although approved by FDA, these products aren’t that safe, and it’s better to avoid their contact with the lungs.

Shortly, Vape Craft promises to cut down on these ingredients, by using more safe ones in the second version of flavors, promising better quality, yet at a higher cost.

Flavors and Tastes

Vape Craft doesn’t beat the records of flavor hits, but their characteristics are decently good. They don’t save on time and money spent on creating new flavors, and they’ve done a great job here. To find your personal champion, you can check on smaller bottles of 10 mL for $2.20.

This will let you make your own array of goodies, which you later can regularly buy in 30 mL or 120 mL bottles. Neither of the Vapecraft flavors we tried gave the burnt taste or the similar sensation in the nose. The Mean Mocha and Yogurtize Me produces a comparatively stronger throat hit. Our favorites were sweet, creamy tastes of custard type.

Brand Lines

Vape Craft is famous for two lines of e-liquids that are Vapors Anonymous and Alternate Cig E Juice. The favorite customer line Vapors Anonymous comes in five different nicotine strengths, that are 0, 3, 6, 12 and 18 mg. The price range depends on the storage material with the glass bottles being more expensive than the plastic ones.

For example, the 30 mL plastic bottles go for $9.95, while the glass ones cost a dollar more. The bigger bottles, like 120 mL ones cost $24.5 for plastic and $26.95 for glass. They are all great, but the Milk of Gods and Street Walker win most of the fans’ admiration.

Another famous brand line previously known as Alternate Cig E Juice is renowned for available prices a dozen tasty flavors. The line traditionally offers five nicotine strengths (0, 3, 6, 12 and 18 mg). The prices range from $15 to $17 depending on the container material. People go mad for Hard Candy, Blue Banana, and French Vanilla Cheesecake tastes.

Customer Services

The last but not the list merit is an excellent customer service that offers excellent attention to all the customer needs or actions. They clearly showcase all the ingredients for all the products, and even more: openly state which of the components is still not that safe and how they will improve the situation.

Neither of your actions concerning Vape Craft will stay unnoticed, either it’s a comment on Facebook, or a tweet – they will get back to you with feedback. They also have a significant community on Instagram, YouTube, and Google+.


Being an honest company with clear price policies and a great variety of tastes the Vape Craft is the perfect place for starters and average level vapers. Also the savvies will find a lot, especially the unforgettable experience of impression sharing with the massive online Vape Craft community.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row][vc_row][vc_column][/vc_column][/vc_row]

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