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How It Started

Vape Dudes company and brand started from the love to vaping. A couple of enthusiasts disappointed with the mass market productions and deviations from best standards for the sake of income have decided to create their own product, free from imperfections.

Three main qualities make Vape Dudes unique:

The products are handcrafted. They produce from the finest materials in small portions to achieve the highest level of goodness. Right, it is not possible with mass production, which is a monstrosity regarding Vape Dudes production philosophy.
Made-to-order. In fact, they do a great job listening to customers and adhering to their own vaping experience. It means the Vape Dudes ejuice is free from flaws and full of merits. They also made it possible to customize e-liquids by different criteria. In fact, each of their products has different variations according to three indicators: a PG/VG ratio, nicotine contents, and flavor intensity.
Highest quality guarantee. We’ve already mentioned the best materials, but we haven’t yet said anything about the preparation process and quality control. They even have their air-purified clean room to avoid any kind of intrusion into the products.

The World of Quality and Customization.

Maybe VapeDudes aren’t yet big enough to call them World, but if they are doomed to grow, we would like to see all these customization opportunities in future as well. We shall start Vape Dudes review with the introduction into the majority of chances from the domain of packaging.

Packaging. All smaller bottles that are the ones of 15 ml size come in sturdy plastic, and all the bigger ones are made of glass. Both materials are strong enough to survive long-term traveling. The bottles are available in the volume of 15 ml, 30 ml, 50 ml, and 100 ml. You can take any Vape Dudes ejuice in a bottle of either size. The bottles, except the smaller ones, come with a pre-included glass dripper. The only exclusion in all this fancy are the samples of Private Stock and Private Stock Max lines, which are only available in one option, that is 30 ml.

VG to PG Blends. Like everything else, the blends are customizable. The standard option is 50 to 50 PG to VG contents, and you can change it wherever you like. The most popular options are 100% PG, 70% to 30% PG/VG, 30% to 70% PG/VG and also 5% / 95% of PG/VG ratio. Either a cloud chaser or a flavor savvy can find a variant to satisfy the demand and even more: to try the unusual blends.

Nicotine contents. If we have such a majority of bottles and blends, the variety of nicotine strengths is not that surprising anymore. You can choose from 3mg, 6mg, 11mg, 16mg and 24mg options. Vape Dudes ejuices are perfect to step down on nicotine and good enough to get a nicotine hit.

Flavor intensity. Perhaps, the most unusual move towards total customization was the introduction of different levels of intensity. Not every brand on the market can offer the same service, but we would be happy to see this feature in other vape companies. So, a user chooses from Standard, Extra and Just a Hint variations of the same e-liquid.

Flavor groups. This is what customers of all ages want: go to the section and easily find what they are looking for. With Vape Dudes it is fantastically simple. All the flavors are clearly organized into the categories: tobacco, fruit, menthol, sweet and complex for different mixes.

Vapor quality. As an experienced vaper, you know that flavor quality depends on a blend and coil, but here the receipts sustain their quality. If you expect a particular combination to produce a local vapor tornado, so it does, with no surprises.

Pricing. Vape Dudes reviews criticize their high prices, but this level is entirely justified by the quality they offer. These guys don’t cut edges on ingredients and technology, and every extra dollar you spend is worth of it.


All about VapeDudes reminds of the Christmas morning. The majority of taste and customization opportunities drag you into a whirl of experimenting and trying, and it is not so easy to get out.

The only flaw that is the high price, only underlines the quality, shifting the Vape Dudes into the category of vaping luxury. For us, it was also a significant factor to stop from buying half a shop and leave something for you to try.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row][vc_row][vc_column][/vc_column][/vc_row]

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