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Forz TX80, manufactured by premium brand company Vaporesso is one of the latest mods available for purchase. Vaporesso became popular in the first place thanks to their high-quality chipsets, which are currently one of the best on the market, and Forz TX80 contains their most promising Axon 2.0 chip.

In this review, we will take a close look at the product, its specifications, design, and characteristics to define whether it is worth your money and time.


Forz TX80 kit consists of two parts: the mod itself and Forz 25 sub-ohm tank. The mod is a 18650 rugged and water-resistant box mod. The box mod in its turn is a power source made in the shape of a boxy case, which is very convenient to be held in hand. It supplies the atomizer with power using rechargeable batteries. It needs a powerful box mod to properly function and utilize coil heads.

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The price of the Vaporesso Forz TX80 Kit varies from $52.95 (at DirectVapor) to $70 (at most other online stores) and comes in five color options: imperial red, steel blue, brick black, leather brown, and gunmetal gray.

The full list of contents of this kit is as follows: the mod, 4.5 mL tank, 0.15-ohm MESH Coil (pre-installed), 0.4-ohm MESH Coil (in the box), USB silicone plug, silicone drip tip cover, screwdriver, 4 O-rings, FORZ badge, glass tube, Type-C USB cable, warranty card, and user manual.

Forz TX80 Specifications

  • Size (with tank): 133.1 x 30.1 x 41.7 mm
  • Screen: 0.69-inch OLED display
  • Resistance: 0.03-5.0 ohm
  • Coils: GTR 0.4-ohm and 0.15-ohm mesh
  • Power: 5-80 watts
  • Chipset: AXON Chip 2.0
  • Tank: 4.5 mL / 2 mL (TPD)
  • Charging current: DC 5V/2A Type-C
  • Battery: Single 18650

Opening the box

If you are pretty familiar with various vape mods manufactured by different companies, then probably the first thought you will have after having opened the box, would be that when making Forz TX80 Vaporesso was created their version of the Aegis Solo.

Vaporesso Forz TX80 in the box image

Another thing that is visible and easily drags attention is the tank and its coating. On their official website Vaporesso states that it is made of plastic, fiberglass, and soft rubber, which is perfect when the mod accidentally falls, there is a tiny, almost impossible chance to damage the glass, as it is well protected.

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High-quality materials and stylish design

Forz TX80 is compact, handy, and has several layers of protection, being rugged and water-resistant. It has many features, which is common with the Aegis line of Geekvape mods, although Geekvape mods of this line were listed as IP67, Forz TX80 was not.

The front part of Forz TX80 has a plain rectangle button. The display is located right beneath it. You can find up and down buttons under the display and over the menu button.

Vaporesso Forz TX80 mod and tank-Max-Quality image

Another noticeable thing is a rubber plug on the side. Behind it, one can find a USB-C port.

Right in the middle, one can see a 0.69-inch B&W display. It’s pretty bright, with clear fonts, which makes the numbers and the battery charge easy to read. However, the color display would be better, so the B&W feature will be one of the disadvantages on our list.

Unlike other Vaporesso mods that show the battery charge left in percentage, Forz TX80 shows it in a simple rectangular form, which can be not as comfortable or understandable as the percentage one.

As we already said there are five color options available for purchase. All of them are mostly black, decorated with silicon to ensure the safety of the glass and make the mod durable and hit-resistant.

The tank is also black (in all the models) and covered. The frame is gunmetal in all the model options. The main visible difference in color and design is the leather backing, which has a FORZ logo.

The compartment for the battery has a threaded cap, just like mods of the Geekvape Aegis line of and it is very easy to place the battery in and pull it out.

Vaporesso states that Forz TX80 is water-resistant as well as hit-resistant. That was successfully proven during this review. We left the mod underwater for about 15 minutes and it was ok.

Overview of functions and modes of Forz TX80

Most mods manufactured by Vaporesso, have a variety of different modes, and Forz TX80 is not an exception. It has a long list of those, including

  • Power Eco,
  • Smart TC,
  • Temp Control as well as Pulse,
  • DIY,
  • Voltage,
  • Bypass,
  • Super Player,
  • and Vaporesso’s new “F(t)” mode.

The model also features Smart and Auto modes. That is plenty of settings for one mod, although one of their most popular modes enjoyed by many users, Watt Curve Mode, is not there anymore.

Vaporesso Forz TX80 display-Max-Quality image

Some of the users could find that as a disadvantage of Forz TX80 as it was better than some of the newer ones Vaporesso has added. But we loved the settings it has and they are more than enough for a great vaping experience.

Vaporesso’s brand new “F(t)” mode was created to adjust the output while the user vapes. However, when comparing these new features with the old ones during the testing period, we noticed that using Forz TX80 at 55 watts in this mode and 55 watts in the power mode feels the same.

Menu and navigation

Forz TX80 has a standard Vaporesso menu that can be accessed when pushing the button below the plus and minus ones. The mod is easy to operate and very user-friendly. Just like older Vaporesso models users should click 5 times on the fire button for turning it on and off. 3 time click on mode button enters the menu.

The up and down buttons are used for scrolling, while the mode is used for accepting. Press on the fire button exits the menu. 3 time click on fire button locks adjustment buttons. Power adjustments, as well as TCR, can be made only after the selection of the mode.

Power mode testing

During the review, when Forz TX80 was tested with 18650 batteries, it showed good results that proved the specifications listed by the manufacturer. Vaporesso did a good job as we got the maximum wattage of 84 watts (Vaporesso listed 80 watts), the amp limit of 29 (Vaporesso listed about 30), and the volt limit of 7.145 volts (when using 0.62-ohm coil). That has proven that the info provided by the manufacturer was accurate, with no surprises, which is a great advantage.

TC mode testing

During the review, we were testing simple round single and dual coils as well as fancy wire single coils. The Temperature Control mode allows adjusting temperature which impacts the taste. We reached the 430F, while the device still throttled smoothly and had great dry hit protection.

The same adjustment can be made in the DIY mode, in which one can set up the TC. Generally, Forz TX80 showed good performance during this review.

Coil and tank testing

When performing the review, we tested the GTR 0.15-ohm (listed 60-80 watts) and 0.4-ohm mesh coil (listed 40-60 watts). The best result when using the first one was about 65 watts (to our taste), while after vaping of 60 mL it was still perfectly working and the flavor was outstanding.

Vaporesso Forz TX80 coils image

The 0.4-ohm mesh coil was reported best at approximately 50-55 watts, the flavor was also great and the coil life was decent. So the only complaint regarding Forz TX80 at this stage of the review was the battery life at high wattages (which is normal for all mods).

When it comes to the glass, the Forz TX80 tank has a straight glass (4.5 mL standard, 2 mL TPD), which is durable and hit-resistant thanks to the coating. Additionally, just in case, the kit has a spare replacement, which probably will not be needed as the glass protection is really good just like the protection of the rugged tank.

To have some fun, we tried removing the coils with bare hands. Not the easiest thing to do. And for that, Vaporesso designed a special tool to pop the coil out and place it back. To do that, one has to unscrew the base and pop the coil out.

Vaporesso Forz TX80 battery cap-Max-Quality image

The users should keep in mind that this operation should be done only when the tank is empty or almost empty. To disassemble the tank, one has to use this tool to unscrew the lock nut after having unscrewed the top cap first. However, this procedure is only needed when replacing the glass.

After the review, we can say that in general, Forz TX80 showed really good results and met all the specifications listed by Vaporesso.

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Advantages & Disadvantages of Vaporesso Forz TX80

We were fully satisfied with the TX80 quality, power mode performance, list of modes, and amp and volt limits. The device is very user-friendly, the battery cap – really practical, and the screen – easy to read.

The menu was easy to use and the leather part was nice and soft. The Forz TX80 felt lightweight and its coated surface is one of the most important features just like water and hit resistance.

There are also several disadvantages we found when testing Forz TX80, which don’t influence the device’s performance and therefore don’t ruin the impression.

This model has several new modes, which don’t add much functionality, while Vaporesso’s Watt Curve mode is missing in this model. Forz TX80 doesn’t have a color screen but who needs it when you have such great taste?


All the above-mentioned information and review results prove thatForz TX80 is a reliable kit worth trying. It’s handy, durable, and affordable. If you are looking for a new mod, this Vaporesso model is a perfect option for you.



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