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About the product and its characteristics

Let me introduce you to the Vaporesso Gen S kit. This product was made by the famous Vaporesso vape manufacturer. They are responsible for the production of such popular mods, like Target Mini 2, Polar and, of course, the first Gen. Let`s see if the Gen S meets the high-level quality that previous models have set in the world market.

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  • The Gen S box mod is a dual battery mod with a power of 220 W.
  • Materials: stainless steel, glass, rubber, polycarbonate
  • Dimensions Gen S Mod: 53mm*27mm*93.5mm
  • Box mod weight: 108 g (with batteries 205 g)
  • Dimensions NRG-S Tank:
  • Diameter: 24.5 mm at fit (30 mm with the bubble glass)
  • Height: 43.5mm (52mm with complete drip tip)
  • Volume: 8ml/5ml
  • Drip tip:510
  • Used coils: GT CORE Coil
  • GT 4Meshed Coil 0.15ohm (for vaping at 50-75W power)
  • GT Meshed Coil 0.18ohm (50-85W)
  • Output voltage:0-9V
  • Supported resistance: 0.03-5ohm
  • Control board: AXON Chip
  • Operating models: variwatt, pulse mode, thermal control, varivolt adjustable power supply schedule, pre-hit, bypass
  • Connector: micro USB
  • Charging current: DC 5V/2.5 A
  • Upgradability-yes
  • Screen: 0.91*OLED
  • Colors (new): Midnight Blue, Cherry Pink, Rose Gold, Lime Green, Matte Grey.
  • And seven colors which were in the original Gen.
Vaporesso Gen S structure image

What is included?

  • Warranty card
  • User manual
  • Gen S Mod
  • NRG-S reservoir (8ml)
  • GT4 Mesh Coil
  • GT Mesh Coil
  • O-Rings
  • Extra Glass Tube (5ml)
  • Cable micro USB

Appearance and the design of the Gen S Mod.

I think Vaporesso is a very beautiful gadget. I think the only drawback is the large dimensions of this device. It has an incredible special formulated rubber coating with a textured surface under the fingers feels warm and pleasant. The second the device’s weight is light with batteries installed 9just over 200g).

It does not look like a huge plastic “rattle”, it looks solid. The design is very beautiful and modern. It has a rectangular shape, rounded off. The new element here is the NRG-S tank, which is the same color and texture as the mod itself, it really makes the perfect and harmonious look of the device. The device is equipped with a 0.95 rectangular black and white screen in front of it. Just like the original Gen is.

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Vaporesso Gen S juice filling image

Screen visibility is clear.

The Vaporesso Gen S is light weighted. It is 107 grams. There are 12 colors to choose from

Branding: a small inscription of Vaporesso in the middle of one side, and a little “V” logo on the bottom center at the other side? And log Gen S on the bottom of the Mod. The paint is enough reliable and it does not peel off the plastic. But the metal buttons may start to fall off in rough handling.

The device cover is located on the same side as the Vaporesso logo, right under the logo, there is a recess for the nail. The panel is held by four magnets, two magnets are in the lid, and another two are in the body.

There is an insulating sticker on the side, on which warnings are imprinted: do not put batteries with damaged braids, use only with a current output of ≥25A, and there are also links to the official website and Instagram account of Vaporesso.

On the plastic holder, that covers the filling of the device, the polarity of the batteries is marked. There is also an inscription there: Designed by Vaporesso/Made in China. The batteries fit well and are easy to install, and there is a stripe inside the tray to help you take batteries off.

Features and functions

The Vaporesso Gen S device has a lot of functions and modes as most Vaporesso mods have. There are Pulse Mode, Power Eco, Smart TC, and DIY Mode. Let’s see what DIY mode is. It is the mode, in which you can choose the standard modes of Power (with normal, hard, and of course soft preheats), Temp control (SS, Ni200, Ti, and one TCR memory slot), also Voltage mode is, Watt curve Mode, Bypass Mode, and Super Player Mode.

There are also smart and Auto modes in the menu settings. Mod uses a standard TCR, which can be configured in any Mode. The device is equipped with almost all modes. It is really great to have it all. There is a Super Player Mode – the mode of supporting very low resistance (from 0.03 Ohm), if the normal variwatt is set, when the winding is set below 0.05 Ohm, the mod automatically offers to enable this mode, which deserves your special attention.

Power Mode is an energy-saving Mode. When the voltage on the battery drops below 40%, the device suggests switching to it. The request can be disabled in the setting menu.

Vaporesso Gen S chip image

Vaporesso Gen S Menu

The Gen S menu is the same as in Gen Menu. There is a special button, which is between the plus and minus buttons. It is easy to use. Here is a quick start guide:

  • To switch on/off you should make five clicks the fire button.
  • For the menu enter you should make three clicks of the menu button.
  • To choose modes and scroll menu, use up and down buttons.
  • To leave the menu you should press fire.
  • If you click three times the fire button, you will adjust.

TCR and power adjustments can be done after you select the mode.

Power Mode

Gen S, as well as Mod Gen, has an Axon chip. Although the other, older models have Omni chip. This chip is also one of the best chips for vape. The Axon chip works similarly to how it did in the original Gen, which may indicate that they are updated, not modified hardware.

The Axon chip provides a responsive vape, that allows you to access s Pulse Mode, boosting the installed coil every 0.02s to give you pleasure with a delicate controlled vaping experience. With the Impulse Mode, you will get 27% more flavor and cloud satisfaction.

This Mod was tested on Sony VTC5A Batteries. The maximum wattage is 220W.

Vaporesso Gen S coils image

When I tried this Mod, I got the amp limit of 39 amps. It is normal for dual-battery mods nowadays. The volt limit with 0.64 –ohm coil was nearly 9.258. These are rather high results in comparison with other modern dual-battery mods, which show the trend of improving quality.

STC – SMART TEMPERATURE CONTROL Mode – is the automatic ‘smart’ thermal control with materials working with TC.

 DIY – DIY Mode

 VW – variwatt modes:

  •  VWS – Soft start-up speed – start with the reduced voltage at the beginning of work
  •  VWN – Normal start-up speed – normal mode
  •  VWH – High start-up speed – with preheat

 VT – thermal control modes:

  •  VT-SS – Variable Temperature Control Mode SS316 – TC on stainless steel, here and in other materials you can adjust TCR, power, and select material
  •  VT-NI – Variable Temperature Control Mode Nickel 200 – TC on nickel
  •  VT-TI – Variable Temperature Control Mode Titanium – TC on titanium
  •  VT-MI – Variable Temperature Control Mode MI – TC with manual TCS setting

 RES – Resistance blocking

 VV – varivolt mode

 CCW – Customized Curve of Wattage Mode – custom voltage supply schedule

 BP – Bypass Mode – protected mech mode, unfortunately, without displaying voltage or power

 SP – Super Player Mode – very low resistance support mode (from 0.03 Ohm), if the normal variwatt is set, when the winding is set below 0.05 Ohm, the mod automatically offers to enable this mode

 EXIT – Return to the previous screen

 SET – SYSTEM SETTINGS – system settings

 PUFF COUNTER – counter and the total time of all puffs, can be reset

 BRIGHTNESS – screen brightness setting

 SMART VW – enable/disable automatic power setting when changing resistance

 FLIP SCREEN – 180 ° screen rotation

 AUTO ECO – enable/disable automatic switching to ECO mode when the battery is discharged below 40%

 DEFAULT – reset to factory settings

 VERSION – version of the board and firmware (can also be called by simultaneously pressing Fire and Menu)

 EXIT – Return to the previous screen

 EXIT – exit to the main screen

Vaporesso Gen S coil replacement image

Advantages and disadvantages:


  • 1. Perfect build quality;
  • 2. Smooth and soft to the touch;
  • 3. Twelve colors(big choice);
  • 4. Lightweight;
  • 5.26 mm handle without overhang;
  • 6. Battery door is easy to access;
  • 7. Clear screen;
  • 8. Power mode is perfect;
  • 8. Easy menu system;
  • 9. Huge 8ml capacity;
  • 10. Lightweight;
  • 11. Tank fits perfect to Mod;
  • 12. Boost circuit;
  • 13. TC performance is good;
  • 14. Fast charge (2.24amps);
  • 15. Clearly rated for watts;
  • 16. Voltage and watt curve modes available.

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  • 1. Small black and white screen;
  • 2. Black Delrin 510 tip looks simple;
  • 3. Coil performance is too low;


So, in conclusion, I want to say that Vaporesso Gen S is a great kit, it differs a little from the original Gen, but in a very good and refreshing way. Buying one for yourself will either improve your existing mod collection or enhance your beginner vaping experience.

The tank is very good – great volume and a perfect combination of taste vs clouds size. The look and feel of the mod are remarkable. After days of using it, I still can’t get enough of it. Write in comments your opinion about it. Thanks



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