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Comfortable to hold and very durable. These are the two main features of the VooPoo Drag Mini Kit, a product of the Chinese company VooPoo established in 2014.

After the liaison with the American brand Woody Vapes, they have issued a plentiful of great products, and the Drag Mini vape mod is not an exclusion. 

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VooPoo DRAG Mini kit

General Impressions

The promises of Drag Mini box mod are colossal. A vaper enjoys full clouds of thick vapor that last long thanks to the powerful battery. At the same time, the ergonomic box mod vape sits well in the palm and caters to the comfortable grip thanks to the rounded edges. 

Starting Kit

The mod comes in a great bright box that includes: 

  • Drag Mini mod
  • UForce T2 tank
  • A spare coil
  • A USB cable
  • A user manual
  • O-rings
  • Extra glass

VooPoo DRAG Mini colors

Build Quality 

The durable vape mod is made of zinc alloy with the resin plate on the side. The variants of the resin plates are different, so a vaper has plenty of design choices.

The operating plate of the box mod vape contains a fire and control buttons, as well as the charge-port for micro-USB. 

The bottom part rooms three went-holes for battery cooling and a pin-reset button for restoring the default settings. 

The top of the Mini vape mod holds the standard 510 connection on the center of the panel. The 510-plate is made of the gold-plated stainless steel, and its surface also fits tanks that use 510 fed AF.  

VooPoo DRAG Mini mod


The box mod is available in different color versions thanks to the resin plates mentioned above. They come in the following models: Atrovirens, Rhodonite, Coral, Prussian Blue, Lava, Phthalo, Purple, and Lime. 

The resin plate adorns on the part of the vaporizer, while the other has a huge DRAG logo embossed.


The in-built 4400 mAh battery has a power of two standard 18650 batteries, which makes Drag Mini much stronger in vapor production compared to other box mods. 

With the 25W power setting and P2 coil, the battery life lasts from 5 to 6 hours of operation, which is quite significant.

If you aim at super-powerful clouds given at 50W, you may expect 3 hours of non-stop service, which is not that bad for the products in the niche.

Tech Features

Perhaps the first thing that makes the Drag Mini box mod vape famous is the GENE.FIT chip, which is also known as one of the most accurate chipsets in the world.

The FIT chip has undergone testing on 161 tanks which lasted 15 months. It is protected from dust, burnout, and liquid by fireproofing bridge.

Security Protections

The cutting-edge technical hardware caters to the profound security protections, which include: 

  • Overtime protection that protects the cotton in the coil from burning;
  • Overheating protection to assure working at safe temperature ranges;
  • Overcurrent protection to close the current when it breaks the limits;
  • Overcharge and over-discharge protection to prolong the life of the battery;
  • Short-circuit protection to protect the battery from burning;
  • Balance charge for safe charging conditions.

UForce T2 Tank

A high-quality T2 tank with a 510 threading connection fits the previous versions of Drag box mod as well. It has a top-fill design s easy to disassemble for cleaning and consists of high-quality materials.

VooPoo DRAG Mini tank parts

VooPoo utilized stainless steel, Pyrex glass, and resin to make their stellar vape mod durable as well. 

The box mod vape tank comes with the pre-installed P2 sun-ohm coil with 0.6-ohm resistance. It works best within the wattage of 24-28W.

Another coil that comes with the mod is an N1 mesh 0.13-ohm coil works best within the range of 70 to 80 W.  

VooPoo DRAG Mini tank parts

User Guide

The Drag mini vape box mod is comfortable and straightforward to operate. You need five clicks to switch the device on and off, three clicks for menu options and the same amount to get back to power mode.

To lock or unlock the device, press the fire and up buttons simultaneously. 

Specs and Features

  • Dimensions: 81.5×48.5×26.5mm
  • Materials: zinc, stainless steel, resin. Pyrex glass
  • Chipset: GENE FIT
  • Battery: 4400 mAh
  • Wattage: 5-117 W
  • Connection: 510
  • Temperature range: 200-600°F / 100-315°C

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To sum up…

The superb Drag Mini box mod has the best of two worlds: it is comfortable to use and offers long vaping sessions.

With the up-to-date chipset and a ton of security features, it is sure to grant the great vaping experience without unexpected issues.  


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