What’s the Deal with Rechargeable Disposable Vapes?

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Disposable vapes are undoubtedly the most popular and successful products in the vaping industry today, and that means there’s virtually no chance that you aren’t at least a little aware of disposable e-cigarettes even if you’re completely new to vaping.

What you might not be aware of, though, is the fact that the underlying technology of disposable vapes has improved by leaps and bounds over the past couple of years – and disposable vapes continue to make great technological strides even today. In particular, devices like the Hyde N-Bar vape are members of a completely new generation of rechargeable disposable vapes – a product category that might not be familiar to you yet.

Wait – a rechargeable disposable vape? What’s the point of having a vaping device that’s both rechargeable and disposable? That’s what you’re about to learn. First, though, let’s learn a bit about why so many people have begun talking about disposable e-cigarettes over the past year.

How Disposable Vapes Have Evolved in 2021

We’ll begin this article by talking about why disposable vapes have been on everyone’s radars after being very minor products for the past several years. In the beginning, disposable vapes were practically ignored except by the few people who wanted to try vaping in the cheapest way possible before buying full starter kits.

Eventually, though, the convenience stores and gas stations started carrying mainstream pre-filled rechargeable e-cigarettes that were just as cheap as disposable vapes – so people started buying the starter kits instead.

Since then, though, the nature of the industry has changed, and disposable vapes have become relevant once again. That’s because disposable e-cigarettes have evolved to occupy a completely different segment of the market. Here are the three reasons why that’s happened.

Disposable Vapes Are More Affordable Than Traditional Cigarettes

During the early years of vaping, the one major problem that prevented disposable vapes from becoming successful with mainstream vapers was the fact that they cost more – and delivered less nicotine – than packs of traditional cigarettes.

Tobacco cigarettes are already extremely expensive; you’re not going to convince most smokers to switch to vaping if doing so will require them to spend more money than they’re already spending.

Today, though, things are completely different. While cigarettes have continued to increase in price, disposable vapes have become cheaper thanks to more efficient designs and production methods. It’s even getting to the point where using disposable vapes is just about as inexpensive as buying bottled e-liquid.

Between the cost advantage and the fact that disposable e-cigarettes are so convenient, many people are now using disposable vapes when they might have otherwise used refillable devices.

Disposable Vapes Are More Satisfying and Last Longer Than Ever

One of the things that has really transformed the market for disposable vapes is the fact that the devices no longer have to look like tobacco cigarettes. Today, people recognize disposable vapes as what they are even when they don’t look anything like traditional cigarettes, and that’s allowed the manufacturers to make bigger devices.

A bigger disposable e-cigarette holds more e-liquid and has a larger battery and atomizer coil. Compared to the devices of the past, today’s disposable vapes produce bigger, more satisfying clouds and last longer before it’s time to replace them.

Disposable Vapes Offer the Same Flavor Variety as Bottled E-Liquid

The other factor that prevented disposable vapes from becoming popular in the past was the fact that they were typically only available in tobacco and menthol flavors. Production methods weren’t as efficient as they are today, so producing disposable vapes in a wide variety of different flavors wasn’t really an option.

Today, though, the manufacturers have automated the production of vaping hardware like never before. That’s enabled them to produce disposable vapes in a huge variety of different flavors, and they’ve taken that to the furthest extreme possible.

While there was once a time when most retailers only carried disposable vapes in two different flavors, you can choose from many dozens of different flavors when you buy disposable e-cigarettes today. That’s virtually eliminated the need to buy bottled e-liquid at all because just about every flavor profile you can imagine is available in disposable form.

More importantly, many of the world’s most popular e-liquid makers have partnered with the makers of disposable vapes and now provide vape juice to those companies. The biggest advantage that bottled e-liquid had over disposable vaping products – flavor variety – eroded in a big way in 2021.

Rechargeable Disposable Vapes Will Drive the Market in 2022

That brings us to the core topic of this article: What in the world is a rechargeable disposable vape – and why would you want to recharge the battery of a vaping device that you can’t refill?

Here’s the reason why rechargeable disposable vapes are destined to become the hottest products in the vaping industry over the next year. When you think about it, battery life is really the one thing preventing disposable e-cigarettes from reaching their full potential in the performance department. E-liquid doesn’t take up a lot of space, but batteries do.

Until now, manufacturers have always calibrated their disposable vapes to run out of e-liquid and battery power at around the same time. That’s fine for disposable e-cigarettes designed to deliver hundreds of puffs – but what if you wanted to build a device supporting thousands of puffs? If you wanted that kind of e-liquid capacity in a disposable vape with a single-use battery, the battery would have to be huge – and that’s why rechargeable disposable vapes exist.

A rechargeable disposable vape like the Hyde-N-Bar vape from Mi-Pod comes out of the box filled, charged and ready to use – just like a traditional disposable e-cigarette. While most disposable vapes only deliver around 400-600 puffs at the most, though, the Hyde-N-Bar has a super-high e-liquid capacity and comes with enough vape juice for approximately 4,500 puffs.

That’s 10 ml of vape juice in total. In other words, you’re getting enough e-liquid to replace more than two cartons of cigarettes, and you’re getting it at a cost of under $17. When the battery dies, you can recharge it through your computer – and when it runs out of e-liquid, you can dispose of it.

Thanks to rechargeable disposable e-cigarettes, the most convenient way to vape has become even more convenient and more affordable. That’s why these devices are destined to become the hottest vaping products in the world over the next year, and it’s going to leave a lot of people wondering why they’re still spending so much money on bottled e-liquid and replacement coils.