Why are Pre-Rolls So Popular?

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Summertime is made for smoking pre-rolls. There is nothing like pulling out a joint while on a casual stroll, lighting up and just basking in the sun’s rays and enjoying the vibes. Joints have been a staple for smoking up for several years for seasoned tokers.

However, not everyone knows how to roll up a joint. That’s where you can see the rise in popularity for pre-rolls – it fixes that problem. Yet, there are various reasons why pre-rolls have become popular beyond that.

See here what they all are so you can understand the hype behind pre-rolls!

Pay Less for More

Not everyone wants to spend so much money on ganja. You can end up spending quite a bit when inhaling cannabis through vaping. Depending on the strain, cannabis cartridges can get quite pricey! However, you will find that pre-rolls are a lot more affordable in comparison. You can easily get multiple joints for a low price.

Not only are you paying less for more ganja, but you’re also getting a lot more variety. With vaping cannabis, you can expect only to get a select amount of strains to try out. Meanwhile, with pre-rolls, you have greater access to higher-quality cannabis flowers where you can choose from various strains. In which case, you can safely say by buying pre-rolls that you’re getting your money’s worth of good ganja!

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Perfect in Social Gatherings

Joints are known for bringing people together. Yet, it’s easier to get a smoke session going with others when you have it ready to go. Pre-rolls provide this convenience, so you can start smoking and socializing. You can share a good joint rotation by puffing and passing easily. Plus, with pre-rolls being ready to use, you only really need to have it on hand with you wherever you go.

Whenever the opportunity presents itself to smoke with others, pre-rolls make it easier and faster to do so at the moment, as long as you have a lighter on hand. You can see how joints are popular for smoking with others since it makes for a great ice breaker. It loosens everyone up to feel the vibes and get to know one another easier.

Better for Trying New Strains

When you’re new to smoking cannabis, it can be overwhelming to figure out what strains to buy. Plus, if you’re uncertain of your tolerance and taste, it can make it all the more difficult. For some folks, buying buds or cartridges can be rather risky.

Once you try the strain from them, you might be stuck with a bunch of it if you happen not to like it. Scenarios like this can make you feel like you have wasted your money. Unlike a restaurant, it’s not so easy to return your ganja if you don’t like it.

Thankfully, with pre-rolls, you can avoid putting yourself in that position. Even though some pre-rolls come in packs, you can simply get a single one and try out a certain strain. Pre-rolls are great for new cannabis smokers since they can help them understand what strains they like the most.

Plus, they’re not spending so much to find that out. However, pre-rolls aren’t only great for beginners- seasoned stoners love them as well! Experienced cannabis smokers get to enjoy trying out new strains without worry and appreciate more of what’s out there.

No Prep Work Necessary

You can inhale cannabis in one of a few ways, namely, by vaping it or by creating joints. When it comes to inhaling cannabis from either method, it does require some prep work before you can enjoy it. Vape pens and cartridges are generally sold separately, so you would need to buy both to start vaping.

However, not all vape pens and cartridges are compatible. When you buy a vape pen and cartridge that are incompatible, it makes you feel embarrassed and like you wasted money in doing so.

In which case, you might think that rolling up your joints would be fun. Think again about that. Rolling up joints requires certain tools like getting the bud itself, a grinder, and rolling papers. Once you grind fresh ganja, you’re going to have to try and roll it up together.

It might seem simple at first glance, but it’s not easy. Even experienced cannabis smokers admit that they don’t know how to roll joints. At least with a pre-roll, it takes out all the prep work, and all you need is a light to start enjoying it!

Joints have been around for a long time. However, the introduction of pre-rolls has made smoking joints more convenient and enjoyable for beginner and seasoned smokers alike!