Why Your Vape Shop Needs to Carry Disposable Vapes in 2022

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If you’re a vape shop owner, you undoubtedly stay on top of the vaping industry’s latest trends. Despite the amount of time you spend reading, though, there’s one big vaping trend that you might have missed if your shop focuses primarily on high-end products for experienced vapers.

That trend is disposable vapes. You’re undoubtedly familiar with disposable e-cigarettes – but if your vape shop primarily sells mods, tanks, coils and e-liquids, you might have dismissed disposables as only being appropriate for convenience store shoppers.

If your vape shop isn’t stocking disposable vapes yet, you’re missing out on a potentially huge source of revenue because consumers aren’t buying disposable vapes from convenience stores anymore – they’re going to vape shops like yours. In this article, we’ll explain why. First, though, let’s talk about what you should be looking for as you search for a reliable supplier of wholesale disposable vapes.

How to Find a Reliable Supplier of Wholesale Disposable Vapes

The first thing you need to know about carrying disposable vapes in your vape shop is that you might not be able to get them from your usual wholesaler because traditional vape wholesalers tend to focus on different types of products like bottled e-liquids.

What you need to find is a wholesaler like Mi-One – a company that understands the market for wholesale disposable vapes and is set up to provide the products you need.

These are the qualities that a good disposable vape supplier should always have.

  • A wide variety of products. A good supplier like Mi-One will always have disposable vapes available from many brands and in dozens of different flavors, sizes and nicotine strengths. Consumers’ brand and flavor preferences are always changing, and people are always on the lookout for novel products. You need a supplier that stays on top of those trends and has the products that your customers want.
  • A reliable supply chain. You need a wholesaler that’s not going to be sold out of the products your customers want when it’s time for you to restock.
  • A good selection of other types of products. Mi-One doesn’t just carry disposable vapes; they also offer vape kits, bottled e-liquid and more. Keeping your vape shop stocked is much easier and more convenient when you can buy a large percentage of the products you need from one place.
  • Domestic shipping. Maybe your vape shop already carries disposable vapes, but you buy them from suppliers based overseas. You end up waiting forever for your products to arrive. Sometimes, your orders are stopped at customs and never arrive at all. You’ll never experience those problems with a domestic vape wholesaler.

Why Are Disposable Vapes the Hottest Products for Vape Shops This Year?

As a vape shop owner, there’s almost no chance that you’re unaware of how incredibly popular disposable vapes are. Until now, though, maybe you’ve never considered stocking disposable vapes because you know that people usually purchase those devices from convenience stores.

The truth, though, is that the market for disposable vapes has recently grown into something that convenience stores can really no longer handle.

When you look at the selection of disposable vapes available from a wholesaler like Mi-One, you’ll see that there are many dozens of different product SKUs available. There’s no way that a convenience store could carry any more than a small sampling of those SKUs – to do anything more than that would require the store to reduce its selection of tobacco products.

Tobacco companies pay incentives to retailers for prime shelf space, so that’s definitely not happening. Consumers know the enormous level of variety that’s available in the world of disposable vapes today, and they know that they can only experience the full variety if they go to vape shops.

An additional reason why disposable vapes are no longer the domain of convenience stores is because most convenience store owners haven’t bothered to seek out the best vape wholesalers. They simply buy from the same wholesalers they’ve always used, and that means product availability can sometimes be spotty.

Why Are Disposable Vapes So Popular?

Now that you have a better understanding of why your vape shop needs to carry disposable vapes, let’s talk a bit more about why disposable e-cigarettes have become so popular over the past year. If you’re a former smoker who switched to vaping as soon as the first e-cigarettes became available, you probably remember that disposable vapes were very mediocre in those days.

Very few people bought them because they weren’t very satisfying and didn’t taste particularly good. They were also far too expensive for everyday use.

Today, though, it’s safe to say that those early shortcomings no longer apply.

The first reason why disposable vapes have become so popular is because, after many years, they’re finally less expensive than cigarettes. Production methods have improved, allowing manufacturers to produce disposable e-cigarettes in much greater volumes and with a much higher level of automation. Meanwhile, the prices for conventional cigarettes have continued to march ever higher thanks to never-ending tax hikes.

Disposable vapes are also markedly more satisfying today than they once were. That’s partially because the devices are slightly larger than the first-generation disposable e-cigarettes. The larger size allows today’s disposable vapes to have bigger batteries and atomizer coils, which means that they produce very impressive vapor clouds despite the fact that they’re very pocketable.

The second reason why the latest disposable vapes are so satisfying is because they use nicotine salt e-liquid, which enables the devices to deliver nicotine almost as efficiently as tobacco cigarettes.

The final reason why disposable vapes are the hottest vaping products in the world right now is because they’re available in an almost endless variety of flavors. These days, many of the most popular vape juice makers are providing their e-liquids to the manufacturers of disposable vapes, which makes those devices perfect for people who want to experience new flavors.

Why buy an entire bottle of vape juice when you could get the same flavor in a disposable vape that costs only a few dollars? Disposable vapes have emerged as the best vaping devices for people who get bored easily unless they’re constantly trying new flavors.