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The ZQ Trio RTA is the first-ever tank produced by this manufacturer, so I could not stop myself from missing it and enjoyed reviewing it! In short, ZQ Trio RTA is a mouth-to-lung tank atomizer, which is not only rebuildable but also has 3 airflow rings. I have hardly ever heard of the ZQ company and that was another reason I was I was so interested in their new product. So let’s start!

ZQ Trio RTA: basics

This product is a miniature 22mm tank. Because of its small size, it will nicely fit most mods. ZQ Trio RTA has a capacity of 2ml, and that means that it’s the maximum allowable in TPDs. Currently, it’s impossible to make it bigger, although the companies could work on it in the future.

The main feature of ZQ Trio RTA, which makes it a Trio is that it has three airflow control rings. Simple calculations show us that it’s more than 140 different airflow combinations that can satisfy absolutely every user. These control rings are believed to make a huge difference in the user’s experience as I (just like many others) think that airflow is one of the most important things in vaping.

The main question this review is aimed to answer is if these three rings are useful or are just an attempt to stand out in this very compatible market. That’s what I am going to figure out.

ZQ Trio Box Contents

  • Trio RTA
  • 2x Drip tip – Narrow & Wide Bore
  • Spares bag (includes o-rings, screwdriver, and spare deck screws)
  • 0.5Ω Pre-Built Coil
  • 0.8Ω Pre-Built Coil
  • 2x Shoelace Cotton
  • User Manual

ZQ Trio Specifications

  • Size: 22.5mm x 54mm
  • Weight: 65g
  • Airflow: 3x Airflow Control Rings (Bottom, Side, and Top)
  • Coil: Single
  • Capacity: 2ml

Design and Build Quality of the ZQ Trio RTA

ZQ Trio RTA is manufactured in three different colors: black, stainless, and gunmetal. All three of them use an Ultem window and drip tip. The Ultem tank section and the tip of the wide bore drip tip do unscrew, which is certainly not the most comfortable option.

ZQ Trio Body

All the sides of the tank are smooth, with no grinding. It’s handy and looks great, although the users should be careful when dealing with the Ultem tank section because it’s made of plastic screwed to metal. When unscrewing one should pay attention as cross-threading can damage the ultem threads.

Trio RTA Drip Tips

My first disadvantage when it comes to ZQ Trio RTA drip tips is that I found that there was a slight bulge in one of the O-rings, so it didn’t fit properly and was twisted sideways so I had to use another O-ring from the spare details.

Disappointing things didn’t end with that. Taking a closer look at the tip I saw something inside. Using the tweezers I managed to pull out a tiny piece of metal. It got stuck inside the drip tip and I would not dare to imagine what could happen if I accidentally inhaled it. This situation only proves that you should always clean the new tanks as well as check them before using them.

ZQ Trio Top Cap

The top cap is to be unscrewed, with several decorative markings. Under the top cover, you see two large kidney-shaped filling holes.

Upper Ring

The upper airflow control ring is well knurled and has three holes of the same size (1 mm). The confusing part is that air coming from the upper airflow control ring doesn’t get into your coil, meaning this air won’t taste or steam.

ZQ Trio Tank Section

The main part of the tank is made of steel, in all the 3 colors you choose from, with Trio engraved on one side. Under the metal section, you find the ultem window that is aimed to help you monitor the level of e-fluid.

Middle & Base Rings

Two airflow control rings are located at the bottom of the tank. Each of them has 5 holes for holes of different sizes: 0.8, 0.9, 1.9, 1.2, and 1.5 mm. The upper ring is the side airflow for the coil. Air flows through the base and then rises through the walls on both sides of the coil. The lower one is the bottom airflow. This one is located directly under the coil, and the hole is 1.5 mm.

ZQ Trio RTA Deck

The deck is very easy to build, with offset, flat-head screws. There is a small lip on both sides of the screw, so it does not matter how long or short the coil is. Wick ports are nice, with three small holes for e-liquid.

How to build and fill the device

First, you have to unscrew the screws and put the coil inside, making sure it sits well using the screw heads. The coil can be straightened if needed with the use of a screwdriver. If the coil is too long, trim its legs to avoid shorts. Next, dry fire the coil, put the cotton through the coil, and cut the cotton as well. Once the cotton is placed, prime it with e-liquid.

To fill device justunscrew the top cap and pour e-liquid through fill ports.

ZQ Trio Airflows

As I mentioned before, there are more than 140 different combinations when it comes to airflow, but I am only going to describe 3 main ones.

With the biggest possible airflow set to maximum ZQ Trio RTAis a well-restricted direct-lung. On a scale of 1 to 10, it’s 7. There’s a different quality to the airflow from the Bottom and Middle ones, so the users can have a lot of fun choosing the option suitable for them. With the smallest airflow, this device is a MTL tank.

The device gives awesome flavor and its versatility is also great.

Air Variations

Very little air was giving me a smooth full flavored MTL vape. Middle sections being open give you a perfect mouth to lung or restricted direct lung inhale. Opening everything up gives you a very good direct lung vape. In all three cases, the flavor was great.


  • Really good flavor
  • Very versatile
  • Handy and stylish


  • Only 2ml capacity
  • Quality Control (I have found metal in my drip tip)

Is ZQ Trio RTA worth buying?

To say short, I am fully satisfied with this Trio. Many companies offering MTL vapes and DL manufacture the products not so well. Compared to them, ZQ did a great job. ZQ Trio tank is very enjoyable and offers a really wide airflow range. Leaving alone the quality control issue, which I am sure doesn’t happen a lot, I’m very impressed with the quality of ZQ Trio.

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