A Guide to Smoking CBD

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If you’ve really paid attention, we’re sure that you’ve seen cannabidiol everywhere from fancy boutiques to drugstores and many more. However, it is a common belief that when CBD is smoked, the flower provides an exceptionally quick way to reap the many benefits that CBD has to offer. So, if you’re curious about exploring the pros and the cons of CBD, then read on as we dive into everything that you need to know.

Why Consumption Method Matters

Simply put, the way that you consume CBD is important. This is because it determines the time it takes for CBD to release its effects on you. Inhalation is widely considered the best since the human body is known for absorbing CBD very quickly.

Whenever CBD is vaped or smoked, the cannabinoids proceed to enter the lungs and then into the bloodstream according to the team at PureHempFarms. When this occurs, CBD is then circulated throughout your body. While some users prefer to use an oral source or even a topical source, CBD has always been effective when it is inhaled. As such, numerous reports indicate that this is scientifically proven to be the most effective.

According to one doctor, the bioavailability is greater when CBD passes through the lungs. When you inhale CBD into your lungs, half of it is absorbed by the body. If you ingest it orally, only 5% is absorbed.

A 2017 study on Chemistry and Biodiversity has indicated that smoking provides the most rapid form of delivery. As such, CBD is delivered faster into the brain and lungs through this method. As soon as you inhale CBD, you can almost feel the effects immediately. When you consume edibles, these often take up to two hours before they begin to work.

The Benefits Of Smoking CBD

If you didn’t already know, CBD has a ton of potential health benefits. The best part of this is that there is concrete evidence that indicates that it effectively reduces seizures that are associated with epilepsy. The evidence is exceptionally good and the FDA has even approved a specially formulated CBD drug that can now be used to treat this condition in children.

However, that is one of the most well-known facts about CBD and its capabilities. From a theoretical point, it is said to also treat anxiety, depression, pain, and even insomnia. To further clarify these, a significant amount of evidence must be found from various studies.

As such, all of these are simply anecdotal. With that said, there is also a great deal of evidence that points to large quantities being safe for consumption. In 2019, a trial indicated that a very healthy person received up to 1500mg two times a day and barely experienced any side effects of the drug.

If you didn’t already know, most of these products on the markets only contain up to 10 mg of CBD in a serving. Since there are fewer risks in large quantities, you’ll be able to experiment. This allows you to see that you’ll never need to worry about overdoing it.

The Side Effects Of Smoking CBD

Since CBD involves smoking and essentially inhaling the smoke, you can eventually develop a series of respiratory conditions. As the plant matter undergoes combustion, toxins begin to form. One of the main ones is known as polyaromatic hydrocarbons and this exists in both cannabis smoke and tobacco. So, you’ll be exposed to these even if you smoke weed as opposed to cigarettes.

For the most part, when you smoke cannabis, the risks aren’t the same as that of cigarettes. Smoking flowers excessively will lead to conditions such as bronchitis and others. However, there has been no significant evidence that suggests that smoking cannabis is linked to cancer. When you smoke cigarettes, this is one of the main hazards of doing so.

A study from 2007 proceeded to examine the self-reported symptoms of a particular patient who smoked cannabis and cigarettes. Using a vaporizer may reduce the symptoms of these respiratory problems. Besides respiratory issues during the inhalation process, the CBD consumed will also interact with any prescription drugs that you take. So, before you experiment it’s best to consult with a trained physician.

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