Health Benefits of Cannabis

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Many anti-drug activists think that a couple of puffs of a joint will turn into an unemployed psychopath – probably forever. But is marijuana that bad? Many states have decriminalized marijuana for personal use, and this has allowed scientists the chance of seeing what it does on a mass scale. There have been some surprising health benefits from the use of cannabis that you might not have known.

1. It can make you thinner

Marijuana reduces your likeliness of being obese. While this might be surprising because you have always pictured someone devouring an entire bucket of chicken after smoking, but smokers are less likely to be obese compared to non-smokers. There was a study by the Conference of Quebec University Health Centers which looked at 700 participants aged between 18 and 74. Smokers had a lower body mass index score compared to non-smokers (BMI is considered to be a sign of good health). People with low BMI had less body fat which reduces the risk of getting diabetes and heart diseases. If you’re interested then you can purchase good quality cannabis at

2. It can improve lung function

Contrary to what you may have heard before, smoking weed is not bad for your lungs. People who smoke marijuana have improved lung function when compared to those who smoke cigarettes and those who have never smoked. When weed smokers are smoking weed, they usually take big drags. These might be the reason why their lung function. When the smoker takes big drags, they are training their lungs to be more efficient.

3. Increasing creativity

There was a study that showed that marijuana made people more creative. The study in Consciousness and Cognition in 2012 looked at how it impacted their creativity, and it found that it was effective when it came to used language. The researchers of the study noticed that cannabis smoked naturalistically on divergent thinking and schizotypy, which measures creativity. The study involved 160 participants, where they were sober one day and intoxicated with the cannabis another day. The study showed that when they had smoked cannabis, their verbal fluency in low creatives was at the same level as that of high creatives.

4. It can help athletes perform better

Athletes can perform better when they use weed. Gordy Megroz of outside did a study after noting that athletes crediting weed for improved performance and recovery. While this was a self-experiment, it provides some information about weed. He found that he performed better on the treadmill when he was high and was less sore after a session of heavy squats. He says he normally gets sore for about two days, but when he smoked, he was fresh 24 hours later. Other pains and aches seemed to disappear even when not stoned. The drug has been shown to be a good anti-inflammatory agent, which is why medical marijuana has become a big thing. It is still hard to find hard research because marijuana is still illegal in many countries across the world. This makes it hard for many studies to be done, but there are many being done currently in countries that have legalized it.

5. Cannabis can kill cancer

The U.S government has admitted that the drug can be used in shrinking cancer cells, which is a key moment for those advocating for the legalization of cannabis. The government has started to admit that cannabis can be used in killing cancer cells in the lab. The study that is referenced by the government site is one that was done on rodents. They claim that there is still not enough evidence to show that patients inhaling or ingesting can help with treating cancer-related symptoms or side effects that come with cancer therapy. Cancer Research UK says that there is no evidence showing that cannabis extracts can be used in treating cancer.

6. It is a far safer alternative to alcohol

Studies have shown that cannabis is 114 times safer than alcohol. This is because studies have shown that it is 114 times less deadly than alcohol. The study looked at the effects of cocaine, heroin, alcohol, crystal meth, ecstasy, and cannabis.

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