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Now, vape manufacturers make evaporators not only in the form of coils, but also in the form of plates and flat coils. Today, I will tell you about the aspire Revvo tank with radial coils.

Packaging and equipment

The device comes in a black box with the name of the company and device, as well as a picture of the tank. On the back there are various certificates, warnings, barcodes and QR codes, and information about the Aspire Revvo.

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This paper can be removed now. Under it is also a pure black box with the manufacturer’s inscription on the front and top faces. The lid slides to the side, revealing the contents of the box to us. The first thing we find is the warranty card, then the instructions and, of course, the RTA itself, lying on the black foam.

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So, the kit includes:

RTA Aspire Revvo;
• A set of spare o-rings;
• Protective silicone cap for the drip-tip;
• Spare glass;
• Spare evaporator;
• Warranty card.

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At first glance, this design is very similar to RDTA. There is an upper adjustable air intake. The container where the liquid will be stored holds 3.6 milliliters. The base is raised above the base. Everything about this device says it’s an RDTA, but it’s not. This is a non-service. The pin is not adjustable. It doesn’t perform very well, so don’t use it on hybrid connectors. Diameter is 24 mm.

There is also a European version for 2 milliliters and 24 mm. On top is a lid with a monolithic drip-tip. At the top of the dome are the air intake holes.

Further you are met by an interesting system in the form of a funnel. Air will flow through this funnel, and it will blow over our non-service. And the upper, slightly protruding cone-shaped part is the dressing. Moreover, refilling here is implemented on the principle of “Press and refuel”. This whole structure is also collapsible.

Aspire Revvo coil installation-Max-Quality image

Further parts of the tank will not be new to you: this is glass; liquid container; inside the column, there is a hole at the top through which liquid will flow. It is worth talking about the coil. In fact, this is a horizontal flat coil. It looks like a puck, with cotton lying around it. The material is unknown.

Everything is assembled very easily and simply. Additional saturation happens when turned upside down. The inclination of the tank also helps saturation.

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Aspire Revvo Characteristics

• Capacity: 3.6 ml.
• Diameter: 24 mm.
• Height: 45 mm.
• Airflow: top
• Filling: top
• Connector: 510
• ARC coil
• Resistance: 0.10-0.16 ohm
• Weight: 31.5 grams
• Recommended power from 80-85W, maximum figures – up to 100W


• Delicious vapor;
• Everything is assembled and disassembled very easily; threads are good;
• It is possible to adjust the air intake ring.


• Noisy on fully open air supply.

For lovers of non-service tanks and delicious vapor, this is undoubtedly one of the best options. However, here the question arises with the coils. There are two in the kit, but how long they will last is the question. But, hopefully, at least a week of active usage. Overall, a very good tank!

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