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No matter how hard the tobacco companies try to compromise vaping, the number of people who prefer to vape is constantly growing. One of the reasons for the popularity of electronic cigarettes is the emergence of e-liquids based on nicotine salts, due to which there is a “high” effect.

But for the use of such e-liquids, appropriate devices are needed – closed-type systems that do not produce a lot of steam, are compact and autonomous. Many vapers know the company Suorin, which specializes in the production of only POD systems, which become hits almost immediately on the vape market.

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The company’s developers are constantly working to ensure that the vaper receives new, more modern devices, so they presented the Suorin Reno POD system. It cannot be said that Suorin Reno is a revolutionary or innovative POD system, since there are many analogues on the vape market, but knowing the company’s attitude to the quality of its products, you can be sure that the vaper will receive a reliable and easy-to-use device.

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General information

Suorin Reno is a small size POD system equipped with a medium capacity battery, designed for use with removable cartridges with replaceable coils and designed to vape nicotine salt e-liquids. The design of the new POD system is quite standard – they will not surprise anyone, but at the same time it is small, compact and ergonomic.

The device uses replacement cartridges with a replaceable coil, thanks to which the vaper is guaranteed to get a good taste. The cartridge is designed so that you can block it – this is how child protection is implemented. You can buy Suorin Reno in five colors – black, gold, gray, red and silver.

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Naturally, as in most POD systems, the new device from Suorin is equipped quite standard – the vaper will not experience any particular difficulties in using it. Vaper will get:

  • Reno Mod Battery Pack;
  • Removable Reno Pod Cartridge;
  • Two replaceable evaporators on a grid with a resistance of 1 Ohm;
  • USB Type-C cable for charging;
  • Map with warnings;
  • Quality certificate;
  • Warranty card;
  • User’s manual.

Reno Mod Battery Pack

We can honestly say that Suorin, which specializes in the production of only POD systems, has been exemplary for vapers for more than a year. It is enough to say “Pod”, and many will immediately remember Suorin. The appearance of Suorin Reno is quite expected and logical, since the company’s product range has not yet had POD systems that would use replaceable coils rather than cartridges.

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In any case, Suorin Reno is made in a fairly standard form factor for devices of this size – a rectangular device with rounded corners and edges. The device is small, made of aluminum alloy, due to which the weight of the device is small and, according to the manufacturer, it is not afraid of falls, from which the case can protect. It is worth saying that the design of the device is very strict and concise, and this will please many vapers.

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The maximum power of the device is 13 watts and is provided by a built-in 800 mAh battery, which is quite normal for a device of this class. The battery is charged using the USB Type-C connector located on the side of the device, thanks to which the system will charge in 40-50 minutes. In order to control the battery charge level, an LED is provided that will light up in three colors, indicating that the device needs to be charged.

Reno Pod Cartridge

Almost all vapers have seen Suorin POD systems, so they know for sure that they use replaceable cartridges. In Suorin Reno, the developers decided to slightly change the concept – you can change both the cartridge and the evaporators separately, and they are already sold separately, for which many thanks. The cartridge is not equipped with magnetic connectors, but it fits tightly enough into the battery pack.

The evaporators used in the Suorin Reno are a separate pride of the developers, since with a resistance of 1 ohm they use a mesh heating element, thanks to which the taste transfer will be at the highest level. An additional plus to the taste is the use of 100% organic cotton in the coil.

The procedure for replacing the evaporator is extremely simple – it is held in the cartridge with the help of two o-rings, so it is enough to simply remove the evaporator and install a new one in its place.

The manufacturer has taken care to ensure protection from children. In order to lock / unlock the device, you need to remove the cartridge from the battery pack, rotate the evaporator in it by 90 degrees. It is worth saying that the activation of the device during tightening is quite logical.

Refilling the cartridge is no less simple – at its bottom there is a small silicone plug, opening which 3 ml of liquid is poured into the tank, preferably on salt nicotine.

Conclusions and impressions

Suorin Reno is far from being an innovative POD system, rather it is a standard that will surprise no one. But at the same time, the vaper will receive a well-made device, as simple as possible to use, practical and capable of giving a good taste.

Advantages and disadvantages


  • Only one type of evaporators;
  • No airflow adjustment.


  • Strict design;
  • Aluminum alloy body;
  • Capacious battery;
  • fast charging;
  • Large cartridge volume;
  • Child protection;
  • Replaceable evaporators on the grid;
  • Application of organic cotton;
  • Excellent flavor transfer.

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