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It’s no secret that lately pod-mods have been in great demand among vapers – with replaceable evaporators, a serviceable base, board and control. But this does not mean that traditional POD systems have ceased to be relevant, on the contrary, many vapers who are looking for compactness and practicality prefer them.

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Among the POD systems, a special place is occupied by Suorin devices, which rightfully became one of the first closed-type systems that appeared on the market. The company has already introduced a lot of devices, but this does not mean that it has stopped releasing new items.

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This is confirmed by the new Suorin Shine Pod Kit POD system, which, although it will not become a revolution in the world of vaping, will definitely interest many vapers with its autonomy, practicality and ease of use and maintenance.

General information

Suorin Shine Pod Kit is a compact POD system equipped with a fairly powerful battery, powered by replaceable pods with built-in vaporizers for using nicotine salt e-liquids. The design of the device is extremely simple and familiar – it is a standard stick, but at the same time it is equipped with a very powerful battery for such a compact size.

The device works on replaceable cartridges with built-in high-resistance evaporators for vaping liquids on salt nicotine. The Suorin Shine Pod Kit is available in eight colors – Black, Silver, Red, Gold, Space Grey, Diamond Blue, Teal Blue and Mint Green.

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Suorin Shine Equipment

It is quite natural that the device is equipped very simply and modestly, since this is a fairly simple POD system. Therefore, the vaper box is waiting for:

  •     Battery pack Suorin Shine device;
  •     Two Suorin Shine cartridges;
  •     Warranty card;
  •     USB cable for charging;
  •     User’s manual.

Suorin Shine Battery

The number of POD systems on the vape market is constantly growing, and not because manufacturers are trying to win the trust of buyers, but because new technologies and materials are constantly emerging.

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Although the interests of manufacturing companies should not be forgotten either – competition in this segment is quite high. It cannot be said that the Suorin Shine Pod Kit will become a revolution in the POD system segment, but the fact that it will definitely find its fans is a fact.

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One of the key features of the Suorin Shine Pod Kit is its compact dimensions, which are only 104x24x14 mm, so there will be no difficulties or issues with carrying the device. The device is made of aluminum alloy, so it has a fairly modest weight.

The manufacturer initially offers eight design options, so the vaper has plenty to choose from, especially since all colors are quite calm and non-flashy.

The power of the Suorin Shine Pod Kit is 13 watts, and it is provided by a built-in 700 mAh battery, which is simply an excellent indicator for such a compact device. The battery is charged using the micro-USB connector located on the bottom of the device, and the manufacturer claims that the full charge time is about 40 minutes.

To control the battery charge level, an LED is provided at the bottom of the Suorin Shine Pod Kit that changes its color depending on how charged the battery is. Suorin would not be a Suorin company if its developers did not come up with some kind of “trick”.

The device provides two ways of activation – with the “fire” button located in the center of the device, and when tightening. And this is where the secret of the Suorin Shine Pod Kit lies – when you press the “fire”, the maximum power is supplied to the evaporator (depending on the battery charge level), and when puffed, constant power is supplied.

Some vapers may say that the function is pointless, but in fact it will allow the vaper, without additional controls (their presence would affect the final cost of the device and its size), to choose the best vaping option.

Suorin Shine Cartridge

Due to the fact that Suorin Shine Pod Kit is made in a fairly compact size, it uses replaceable cartridges. Traditionally, the cartridge is held in the battery pack with magnets, so the process of replacing cartridges takes only a few seconds.

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Cartridges for Suorin Shine Pod Kit are made on the basis of a standard coil and have a resistance of 1 ohm. The built-in evaporator uses natural 100% cotton, which cannot but have a positive effect on the taste transfer. Airflow control, of course, is absent.

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To refill the cartridge, there is a small hole on its side surface hidden by a silicone plug, opening which you can pour 2 ml of e-liquid.

Conclusions and impressions

It is impossible to say that the Suorin Shine Pod Kit is a very simple POD system, since the vaper will receive not only a simple and reliable device, but also an interesting opportunity to play with power. In any case, the vaper will receive a compact, simple, autonomous device designed for vaping liquids based on nicotine salts.

Advantages and disadvantages


  •     Only one type of cartridge;
  •     No airflow adjustment.


  •     Compact dimensions;
  •     Large selection of colors;
  •     Capacious battery;
  •     fast charging;
  •     Two activation options;
  •     Ability to activate in maximum power mode;
  •     Simple refueling;
  •     Good flavor transfer.

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