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The Atmos Boss is a new dry herb vaporizer. This pen-like device is one of the smallest products in its category. The Atmos Boss boasts of great performance, build quality and design.

The Atmos Boss vaporizer kit includes:
– atomizer
– heating chamber
– rubber mouthpiece
– 1200mAh battery
– Atmos Boss USB charger
– wall adapter for the charger
– packing tool
– cleaning brush
– user manual

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The Atmos Boss Dry Herb Vaporizer Specifications

The Atmos Boss vape pen is a powerful, portable and featherweight device. It vaporizes dry herb consistently and evenly to the last sprinkle. The heating chamber is made of high-grade stainless steel that guarantees speedy and consistent heating. As you probably already know, stainless steel is one of the best materials for heating chambers, because it does not interfere with the flavor and allows you to enjoy the smooth high-quality vapor.

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Also, the heating element inside the chamber prevents the combustion (by not letting the heating chamber touch the dry herb). The airflow system of the Atmos Boss vape is also great, which adds to the excellent vaping experience.

The most important features of the Atmos Boss vaporizer pen for dry herb are as follows:
– Ready to use the moment you get it (precharged)
– Speedy heat-up (within 45 seconds)
– LED light colors indicator
– Automatic shutdown after fifty seconds of idle time (saves battery charge)
– Outstanding temperature (around 400°F)
– Available colors: black and stainless steel
– Compact, lightweight and handy
– Warranty: one year

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How to use the Atmos Boss Vape?

Charge the battery to the full before first use. In about two hours you will see the LED light turn green. Unplug the device, unscrew the mouthpiece, take your herb and fill the chamber with it. Do not overstuff the chamber, about one-fourth of it should be empty. It will allow the air to circulate well when you take a draw. Mount the mouthpiece back and press the power button five times for the device to unlock.

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When you see the LED light flash, it’s time to press and hold the power button for the heating to begin. After fifty seconds of vaping your vape will shut down automatically, so you will need to press the power button briefly again to activate it again. That’s about it!

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The Atmos Boss Reviewed

The Atmos Boss vaporizer reviews are positive and flattering for many reasons. First of all, this vaporizer is very simple to use. In case you are a beginner vaper who needs more details, there is a short but exhaustive operation manual that will help you get started in next to no time.

We have already tested the Atmos Boss, and we are excited to share the results with you. Even though it is recommended to charge the battery to the full before first use, it comes pre-charged, and you can try it out right away. After removing the draw stem, we filled about a half of the vape tank with well-ground peppermint. After that, we screwed back the draw stem and turned the device on by holding the power button down for five seconds. As the LED indicator turned green, we started vaping.

Speaking of the Atmos Boss vapor production, we should mention by all means that it is consistent and pure. Also, the flavor is very distinct. Even though there is no temperature regulation in this model, we still managed to regulate the vapor production by adjusting our draw.

Slower draws result in thicker vapor, whereas quick ones create thin vapor. It means that you can still adjust the vape based on your preferences. The consistency of the taste would not change in any case. All in all, the quality of the vapor, produced by the Atmos Boss, is pretty good. Some users argue that a ceramic chamber is a bit better when it comes to preserving the flavor, but stainless steel is one of the best as well.

Atmos Boss Maintenance

How to clean your vape?

When it’s time to clean your device, you need to remove the remainings of the material from the heating chamber. Next, apply some alcohol on a q-tip and clean the chamber with it. Don’t forget to clean your mouthpiece regularly as well. You can do it by wiping it with a damp cloth.

Atmos Boss screen imageBattery

The 1200mAh battery of the vape is easy to unscrew off the device and install back on it. As you already know, the automatic shutdown feature is there to preserve the battery life of the device. You can charge the vape from a laptop/PC or with the help of a wall charger.

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Is Atmos Boss Better Than Atmos RX?

The Atmos RX is a device that works great with concentrates, whereas the Atmos Boss is better with dry herbs. You can vape dry herbs with the Atmos RX as well, but some practice is needed before you will manage to avoid burning your herb. If vaping herbs is the only way to go for you, then the Atmos Boss is an excellent choice!

Atmos Boss chamber imageThis device comes pre-charged meaning you can try it out right away; it has a shutdown mechanism that saves battery life, it is comfortable to hold, operate and carry around. And the last, but not least, it delivers good pure vapor with a clear flavor. What else is there to wish for?

There are several aspects of the Atmos Boss that might seem not so attractive for some users. Firstly, there is no temperature control, and the unique temperature setting cannot be changed. The automatic shutdown function is shorter than on other similar devices, so the vaping sessions are shorter as well. Also, the flavors can be neutral sometimes. However, we don’t believe that any of these details could be a deal-breaker for a device as cool as the Atmos Boss.

Final Thoughts

The Atmos Boss is a stable and handy device that is easy to use and maintain. Even though it does not boast of any innovative features some latest vapes might have, it has all a vaper needs, like reasonable heat-up time, optimal temperature setting and battery life, light weight and small size. We are sure that you will enjoy vaping your favorite flavors with this device if you give it a try.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row][vc_row][vc_column][/vc_column][/vc_row]

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