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Have you ever thought of dry-herb vaping on the go? Taking a regular dry herb vaporizer around is an option, but then you lose the pleasure of using the superb Kandypen’s K-Vape Pro!

This newcomer features the high-quality ceramic heating chamber, an 1100 mAh battery with a pass-through feature, a glass mouthpiece for protecting your lips by cooling the vapor which organically incorporates with the overall style of the vape. 

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The Starter Kit

The portable vaporizer from Kandypen comes in the beautiful branded box with the company’s logo on top.

The connoisseurs of the famous “K” sign will feel their hearts ponder a bit faster at the very look of the starter kit. What you get inside the marvelous package is: 

  • A vape K-Vape Pro with a battery capacity of 1100 mAh; 
  • Two shower head screens; 
  • Two glass mouthpieces (good you have two of them, as you can’t buy them separately);
  • Cleaning brush;
  • USB charger. 

What you don’t get inside the box is your favorite herbs, which is the case with most of the dry herb or cannabis vaporizers. Also, you don’t get any cleansing means besides the cylindric cleaning brush. 

Kandypens K-vape Pro cleaning tool

Tech Specs 

The K-Vape pen consists of two main parts: the battery unit and the detachable mouthpiece. The battery is rechargeable and has a lifetime warranty. 

As for the size, the pen is only 4.75 inches high and 1 inch wide at its widest part. It weighs only 2.75 oz, which is not much for a portable convection vaporizer with the ceramic heating chamber. 

Battery Unite and Temp Settings 

The K-Vape is extremely fast to heat up and comes with the four color-coded temperature setting. The operational button is discreet in design and responsive in use. The four available temp settings are 

  • 350 F – yellow marked
  • 375 F – green marked
  • 400 F – red 
  • 428 F – blue

The color coding is a bit misleading if you’ve got used to the intuitive range from blue to red, where blue is the coolest and red is the hottest option. But it’s not the point of concern. 

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Kandypens K-vape Pro charging cable

Protection Features

The vape features an automatic cut-off for protecting the vaporizer from over-drain and additionally, a 5-min mark which is excellent for economical use of battery and protects your herbs from burning. 

Ceramic Chamber

The ceramic heating chamber caters to the better and even release of vapor and flavors. It is cylindric in shape, with all the materials getting equal exposure to heat.

The chamber capacity is 0.5 grams. It’s just great for a tight draw and flavorful vapor. To avoid a burnt taste, we recommend not to overpack it, which is not a secret to weed vaporizer owners.

Also, all you need for a successful vaping experience is air and temperature, so to open all potential of your herbs, you can load somewhat fewer herbs than recommended. It gives you a better draw and taste. 

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Glass Mouthpiece

The primary mouthpiece feature we’d like to highlight is the durability. It can drop several times with no scratches. It also works great, meaning that it protects you from chamber heat.

At maximum capacity, it just gets pleasantly warm. Also, it’s flat, which makes it feel very ergonomic, and looks good as well. 

The second thing we want to showcase is the ease of use. To put it off, you have to push it up slightly and twist. To put it back, line it up and press down. It feels quite sturdy and reliable. 

User Steps

To start with, take off the mouthpiece and load the ground material into the heating chamber. Beware overpacking. Put the mouthpiece back and turn the device on by clicking the button five times. 

The great feature of K-Vape handheld vaporizer is fast heating. It takes just around 30 seconds to get it ready. The LED light will flash a couple of times to signal the vaping medium is cooked.

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All you need to do is load your herbs, press the button, and take a draw! No additional stirring is required. 

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Vapor Quality

Utilizing the combination of combustion and convection heating K-Vape gives you a decent amount of vapor in excellent quality.

Of course, we are speaking about a portable dry herb vape, so it can’t stake up with the powerful desktop vapes.

Another merit of K-vape is a well-preserved herbal taste which is possible thanks to the glass mouthpiece. A great feature for a portable cannabis vaporizer.


The Kandypen K-Vape pro is a lightweight companion of your daily routines created to make your life brighter. It’s ergonomic, has a durable battery and consists of high-quality materials.

Simple in operation and assembling, this piece also gives a decent vapor quality, but what is more important is the relaxing experience from vaping your favorite herbs, which makes it a great marijuana vaporizer. Enjoy!


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