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What is Grasshopper Vape

The moment vaping has been introduced to the world, a need for a stealthy vaping device emerged. The Grasshopper vape is the answer to the bell. This vape is a well-performing dry herb vaporizer with a twist – it looks like a regular ball-point pen.

Currently, there are two versions of this vape, an original one sold for $175, and a titanium one sold for $225. One of the coolest things about this device is that it is backed up by a lifetime warranty.

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Grasshopper Vape Review

The Grasshopper vape pen is a remarkable and innovative product. Even though it is still relevantly new on the market, it has already conquered a lot of the hearts of the vapers.

This vape has a lot to offer to its potential users. It as a sleek and stealthy design, it heats to the optimal temperature quickly, and it produces good quality vapor. What else is there to wish for when it comes to a vape pen?

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In this Grasshopper review, we will cover all the pros and cons of the Grasshopper vape you should know about before deciding whether to purchase it or not.

What’s In the Box

When you get your Grasshopper kit, you will find the following elements in the box:

– 1x Grasshopper vape pen
– 1x USB-charging system
– 1x mouthpiece guard
– Extra mouthpiece screens

The manufacturers also hinted that they plan to add a cleaning and a packing tool to the kit in the nearest future.

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The Grasshopper vape is a very small device. Regardless of its tiny size, it has a powerful heating element that has the output of the top mods, 45W. It takes the heater only five seconds to reach the temperature that you set in advance.

If you compare the heating chamber of the Grasshopper to that of similar devices, you will be surprised at how large it is. You can put up to 0.3 grams of your dry herb into it, or even more if you ground the material well enough.

Cleaning and Charging

To clean your pen, you only need to remove the mouthpiece and the screen and dip it into ISO. As for the body of the pen, you should be careful with it, as it can be dipped into the liquid only to a certain level.

You can charge the batteries of the Grasshopper in less than one hour. Alternatively, you can use the USB-charger and quickly charge the pen where you are.

Advantages of the Grasshopper

The Grasshopper is nowadays one of the tiniest and most stealthy devices you can find. Its length is 5.60 inches, and its width is 0.55 inches. The original stainless steel version of the pen weighs as little as 65 grams, and the titanium one is even lighter, it’s only 56 grams.

– It’s easy to carry this lightweight vape pen around using the clip. You can attach the vape to your shirt pocket or your jeans easily.

– The mouthpiece is perfectly compatible with a 14mm water pipe adapter, which is a cool bonus of this vape pen.

– The vape pen heats up very quickly, and its heating mechanism can provide consistent heating if you take long intensive draws. This issue of inconsistent heating is quite common among many portable vapes, so it’s good to see the Grasshopper developers address it.

– Quiet performance of the vape will help you keep your little vaping secret.

– Regardless of how you pack the material in the heating chamber, you will get a smooth and even vapor production, which is simply brilliant and very pleasing.

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Drawbacks of the Grasshopper

– First of all, we couldn’t help noticing that the mouthpiece of this device gets very hot after prolonged use. However, you will not get burned, since there is silicone to protect your lips from the heat. Still, the temperature of the mouthpiece might be not comfortable for some vapers.

– Some Grasshopper vape reviews claim that in some devices the switch has defects. Since the pen is backed up by a lifetime warranty, it shouldn’t be a problem.

Final Thoughts

We hope that our Grasshopper review helped you decide whether this stealthy pen is what you need. If you are an enthusiastic vaper, this pen is definitely a good idea for your collection of vaping devices. It’s also a good tool for your daily vaping needs when you want to get a hit on the go and stay away from trouble because of doing it.

All in all, the Grasshopper is very easy to use, operate, maintain and carry around. It produces dense clouds of tasty vapor that both beginners and expert vapers will appreciate for sure.

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