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They are so similar and trendy, look good, feature the user experience of stellar quality and produce impressively good flavor. Fancy finding a better option for once and for all?

What we offer here is the in-depth Phix vs. Juul review aimed to help you in finding a winner. Granted, both devices have their die-hard fans ready to stand the ground of their favorites. But which of them is really better?

MLV PHIX featured imageThey both operate on disposable and easily replaceable pods, that come already pre-filled. They are fully rechargeable and easy to take out. The variety of flavors compatible with both is stunning.

Juul Review

Yet, what we are going about is the slight differences that can lure the vapers from one to another group.

Juul vs. Phix: Portability

Size and portability is a crucial factor for many, so is the design. In this category, Juul seems to be a winner, but once again – tastes differ. Juul is a sleek, trendy and i-style device featuring the dimensions of 95mm X 14mm X 7mm. This makes it extremely portable and attractive.

Phix Review

juul in a woman's handThe Phix vape is a bit larger, coming in the format of 110mm X 19mm X 10.5mm. It is diamond-shaped, which is considered clumsy by some vapers. Yet this shape is an engineering invention allowing for a more significant tank capacity and a stronger battery.

Juul vs. Phix: Durability

Regarding the duration of vaping sessions, Phix is the optimal winner. It features a comparatively longer charging time which is 40 min (still not forever and a day) but lasts about 400 puffs.

This durability is empowered by the 280 mAh battery that lets you vape all day long. You can expect twice as less from Juul. Yet, the latter is charged faster, that is in 25 min.

Juul vs. Phix: Price

The Juul starter kit comes for $49.99 which is a more significant figure in our bilateral comparison. The Phix starter kit costs $34.99, and this makes it a bit more attractive.

The higher price of Juul is not just based on its technical characteristics, its starter kit also contains four extra pods, and it is three pieces more than the Phix starting kit offers. In further exploitation, Juul is even more financially sound, as the separate e-juice packs are $7 cheaper than those of Phix.

Juul Review

Juul vs. Phix: Flavors

Both brands have a lot to pumper the tastes of flavor chasers. Phix is compatible with Butterscotch Tobacco, Hard Strawberry, Ice Tobacco, Original Tobacco, Spearmint, Infuzion Cool Melon e-liquids. Juul adds two more. They have Mango, Cool Mint, Virginia Tobacco, Cool Cucumber, Classic Menthol, Fruit Medley, Creme Brulee, Classic Tobacco.

You can experiment with tobacco and fruit flavors having any of the vapes. Yet, Juul comes with four pods so you can try some of their most popular tastes at a great price.

juul with 4 podsAdditionally, Juul e-liquids are believed to give a stronger throat hit. Produced by Pax Labs, they make their own blends distinguished with high quality. Each pod contains 5% nicotine by weight which equals to the pack of cigarettes and promises a real throng hit and thick storms of vapor that smacks you inside.

Phix e-liquids feature the same nicotine level and vapor production, the difference lies in the flavor array, as Phix presents a more significant amount of tobacco tastes, while Juul goes for fruits.

Juul vs. Phix: Capacity

With the capacity of 1.5 mL, Phix is a total champion. It gives you about 400 puffs which are equivalent to two packs of cigarettes. The size of a Juul pod is 0.7 mL which is enough for 200 puffs.

Phix Review

Who Would Love Phix More?

The Phix is for people who don’t love fuss and frequent refills. It is perfect for recent tobacco quitters, who regard the vape as a device, not a toy. It gives no fuss and is easily portable and lets you look an experienced vaper when enjoying the favorite tobacco flavors all day long.

MLV PHIX side view imageWho Would Go for Juul?

It’s not a secret that Juul is a style icon for the vape market. Its state-of-the-art design is for those who care for their look. Fruity tastes are perfect for the ones with a sweet tooth, and the slightly restricted tank capacity is ideal if you aren’t a hard vaper.

Juul Review

The Verdict of the Phix vs. Juul Review

Here we can’t celebrate one device over another because they both are great in their price range and flavor quality. So we hoped we have informed our readers on what to expect from each of these great vapes and which one will better suit their habits and tastes.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

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