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Great news for dabbing fans! Now, their hobby requires less time, less effort, and less equipment. Thanks to the variety of dab vape pens, dabbing is not a hustle anymore. 

And we have more wax pens every year, it’s high time to check what’s new on the market. But first, let’s remind what dabbing is.

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Boundless CF-710 Vaporizer

A specialized wax or oil produces more concentrated vapor, and a better hit compared the traditional e-liquids and herbs. The fans of thick clouds can’t resist using wax, although it’s been technically more complicated for a while.  

Why was old dabbing hard?

Before concentrate vape pens, a cloud chaser had to set up a complicated mechanism, which required different equipment and special procedures to keep the things work.

Nothing like fill-and-drag experience with e-liquids, or with modernized wax vape pens.

Why is it better now?

Despite the great taste and vapor, wax pen makers understood they couldn’t keep customers’ loyalty without improvements a la carte.

And they came up with new products that combine the excellent quality of vapor and ease of use.

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What’s the Boundless CF710 dab pen?

The Boundless CF710 is a wax vape pen also suitable for concentrates, designed for customer pleasure.

To start vaping, you need to power the vape on, dip it into the concentrate and take a draw!

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What’s in the box? 

The starter kit comes with everything you need to start vaping:

  • Boundless dab pen;
  • Two heating tips (quartz and ceramic);
  • One dab tool for working with oils and concentrates; 
  • A container for concentrate storage; 
  • A USB charger;
  • A user manual.

How to use it

Dabbing is worth trying. It remains mysterious, not as popular as oil vaping. Here we want to unveil this process.

  • STEP 1: make sure the dab vape pen is wholly charged. Charge it through the USB to have a full battery.
  • STEP 2: Choose a ceramic or quartz heating tip and attach it opposite to the mouthpiece. Make sure to remove the container lid before you start. 
  • STEP 3: Prepare the wax or oil and place it either in the provided container or a glass jar. 
  • STEP 4: Press the power button five times to turn the vape on.
  • STEP 5: Press and hold the button for heating the tip. It usually takes about 10 sec to get ready. 
  • STEP 6: Put the heating tip onto your wax or concentrate and take a draw. 
  • STEP 7: Repeat the last step as many times as you wish!
  • STEP 8: As you are done, release the button and let the heating tips to cool. 

Expectedly, you are getting the enormous amount of the rich and dense vapor, and a great throat hit. With the ease of assembling and use, the vaping session gets easy. 

Boundless CF-710 Vaporizer black and white

NOTE: there is a difference in the quality of vapor between the ceramic and quartz heating tips. The quartz tip gives a fuller flavor, but the vapor is not that dense. The ceramic tip gives a more abundant vapor instead.

Specs, features, and benefits

First, the pen is portable and easy to travel wherever you need it. It is easy to use, and the battery is long-lasting, you won’t have to reassemble it for hours and recharge every five minutes. 

The 900 mAh battery allows the dap heat up in about 10 seconds and provides enough of charge for 400-500 puffs. The convenient charging port makes refueling fast and easy.

Another beautiful feature of the Boundless Dab pen is the re-designed dab nail. The traditional dab nail usually is made of different materials.

In the Boundless pen, the dab nail transforms in the heating tip made of ceramics or quartz. It’s much more convenient and easy to assemble and disassemble.  

The improved nectar collector design removes the headache of connecting cartridges and loading distillates. Before a vaper had to be worried if the cartridge has a compatible threading and voltage requirements, all you need now is just a proper oil or wax concentrate.

Cleaning is also not an issue anymore. It is incredibly easy to reassemble the pen and clean the parts one by one.  Moreover, as it’s easier to clean the pen, you will be able to ensure the best quality of vapor and flavor since no leftover will interfere with your experience.

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This feature makes the Boundless weed oil pen stand out, as it doesn’t distort a single moment of pleasure. 

To cut the story short…

The Boundless CF710, either used as a wax pen or weed oil pen, has removed al the drawbacks and issues the traditional ways of dabbing possessed.

It’s easy to use and assemble, to clean and recharge. As a portable and long-lasting vaporizer for concentrates, it’s just created to give its owner all the pleasure of thick clouds at minimum effort!


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