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There is a sense of holding something special when you first take the Kandypens CRYSTAL into your hands.

With its slightly glossy matte finish and top-of-the-line build quality, the device just speaks premium. Its weight also contributes to the overall feel. Finally, the specs sheet is great. 

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On paper, the device is made for vaping wax, shatter, and isolates. This makes this dab vape pen simply perfect for on-the-go sessions. It can also be used for THC or CBD concentrates, which is neat.

KandyPens Crystal

The 900 mAh battery promises hours of vaping and thanks to the well-positioned bowl, you will always have “crystal” clear flavors. But is it all good as it sounds? Let’s find out!

What’s Included

When we first opened the device, we were pleasantly surprised that it had everything to get you started. Outside of the dab pen itself, you get the following items: 

  • Manual
  • A dedicated quartz atomizer
  • Two mouthpiece caps 
  • A rechargeable 900 mAh battery 
  • A branded velvet pouch
  • Keychain dab tool
  • Micro USB cable

The device can come in white or black colors and there are no concentrates included in the box. So if you plan on using right away, be sure to have concentrate with you.  

KandyPens Crystal spare

Product Characteristics

If you look at the product, it becomes clear that this is a three-part unit. You have a battery compartment,  a mouthpiece, and a quartz atomizer, all forming a single device.

The overall dimensions of the device are 10 cm x 2cm (this includes the mouthpiece) and it closely resembles a mini sub-ohm vape, which isn’t a bad thing.    

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The pen itself is operated via one button that has multiple modes. Beneath the button, you also have a LED indicator that can flash in different colors that indicate the voltage. Yellow is 2.6V, green is 3.0V, red is 3.6V, and blue is 4.2V respectively.

KandyPens Crystal parts

The device also has a quick-toggle mode. If you rapidly press the button 2 times it will activate the sesh mod. You can also power the wax pen for 10 secs without pressing the key and take a couple of short draws (or a long one). 

The device is 510-threaded, meaning that you can also use it with oil carts. It also has a pass-through charging system and the overall materials of the wax vape pen are medical-grade. The battery has a lifetime warranty, so no worries here. 

The atomizer and mouthpiece

Most dab pens for wax at this price segment come with a quartz atomizer and the CRYSTAL is no different. The bowl is located on the top of the heating element and is easily accessible.

The coil itself will not be able to touch or char your concentrate and since it is a full quartz bowl, it’s easy to clean, load, heat up the device. 

KandyPens Crystal coils

The airflow is smooth and quiet since everything is top fed. The draw itself isn’t tight and has a nice feeling to it. The mouthpiece features a stainless steel construction that has glass on the tip. Lastly, there’s the removable splash guard at the main base of the mouthpiece itself. 

How to Use

Overall, the CRYSTAL is pretty easy to use and requires little to no prior knowledge. Just load in 0.1 grams of concentrate of your choice to the atomizer, screw the mouthpiece, and there you have it.

To fire up the device, simply press the main button five times (this is done to prevent accidental heating in the bag, pocket, etc.) and wait for the concentrate in the vape pen to heat up. 

If you want to change the power settings, simply press the same button you used to power up the device three times. As mentioned earlier, the LED indicator will clearly show you what mode you have selected. 

The Performance & Battery

Without a doubt, the CRYSTAL was made for concentrates first and foremost. The heating process is fast and even, the airflow is great, and frankly, the hits are great.

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It stands tall and it is the best vape pen for wax vaping sessions on-the-go. The flavor was stellar no matter what we used. Whether it was a cannabis wax coupled with CBD isolate or a flavored concentrate, the CRYSTAL simply delivered amazing results.

The only complaint we had (rather wishful thinking, to be honest) is that higher temperatures will drain the battery, meaning that after a session, you will be forced to charge the thing. But even this issue you can easily solve by owning a portable power bank.. 

Final Notes

The CRYSTAL is a solid device that is worthy of your attention. It has everything you might ever need and adds even more. The build quality is top-notch and the number of heating modes will surely come in handy.

The only downside of the device is the battery life, it isn’t spectacular or anything, it’s just we wish that it was a tad bigger. But other than that, this is a superb device that you should definitely take a look at. 


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