Countrywide Ban on Flavoured E-Cigs. Update

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The news about the country-wide ban on certain types of e-cig flavors has caused big waves in the vaping community in the US and abroad.

The ban was inspired by health concerns as to the vaping among teens. The first products to be outlawed were mint and fruit flavors in the cartridge-based pods like Juul. 

The menthol and tobacco flavors delivered in the ways other than the pods don’t go under any restrictions so far.

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The discussions about restrictions of certain vaping flavors lasted for more than a year until they were finally introduced. 

Meanwhile, vaping bans and restrictions are turning into a global trend. Earlier this year, China has introduced restrictions over certain types of e-juices, and countries like Brazil, India, South Korea, and a dozen others have brought in all-encompassing prohibitions.

This decisive action was although not directed against the vaping industry, but rather the popularity of vaping among teenagers. The thing is that mint and fruity flavors are most popular among the teenagers, who didn’t turn to vaping as to a resort for smoking secession but took it up as a popular trend.

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The Trump administration announced that they don’t want to cause difficulties for smoking quitters, therefore e-liquids with tobacco and menthol flavors, most famous among adults, are not prohibited.

Health and Human Services Secretary Alex Azar has announced: “By prioritizing enforcement against the products that are most widely used by children, our action today seeks to strike the right public health balance.”

Since the beginning of the vaping industry, electronic cigarettes were considered a means to help smokers with quitting. Yet, gradually it turned into a harmful habit itself. That related to unmoderated use and low quality of ingredients adopted by some companies.

Among the chemicals to blame, the scientists point out vitamin E acetate, which is an ingredient of many marijuana-based e-liquids.

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Generally, according to the US health registry, 2500 people have suffered health issues connected to vaping. Fifty-five died.

Because of the severe consequences to public health, the original discussion was about the total ban of all flavors except the tobacco.

Yet, President Trump also took into consideration the harmful effect the ban can bring to the vaping industry. Today, the global vaping market is worth USD 10,261.8 million and is projected to grow by 24% by 2025. 

Since vaping industry makes an essential share of the US taxpayers, President Trump announced:

“We have to protect our families. At the same time, it’s a big industry. We want to protect the industry.”

In the meanwhile, the advocates for the narrower vaping ban suspect that teenagers, left without their favorite flavors will turn to “adult” flavors like tobacco and menthol. In response, the Food and Drug Administration promised to take steps against the products mentioned above if the research shows the rise of tobacco flavor consumption among teenagers. 

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Other actions against tobacco use by teens include the raise of the age for purchasing tobacco to 21, which also includes e-cigarettes.

The biggest e-cigarette company in the United States, the Juul, has already withdrawn its products from the market. Other companies have 30 days to follow. 

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