Vaping Is Safer Than Cigarettes

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Recently a plethora of discussions regarding the safety of vaping caused big waves in the e-cigarette world. Finally, the United Kingdom health agency Public Health England has tried to bring them to a close. 

The results of the report were published on the resource And it’s the sixth report summarizing the effects of e-cigarettes on public health. The findings show that the results of vaping are not that drastically harmful compared to smoking cigarettes. 

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 The need for this report was pressing. After the United States announced the cases of severe lung damage tied to vaping, the popularity of electronic cigarettes drowned. Compared to 2014, the number of people who regarded vaping safer than smoking dropped by 45%. 

The reason for the lung damage was the use of low-quality compounds in THC cartridges, although before that fact was established, there were a lot of speculations on the topic. Consequently, some US cities and even states put bans on selling some sorts of flavored e-liquids

Although the information about vape-related illnesses has traveled overseas, the United Kingdom vapers were less affected by the news. The United Kingdom didn’t have any vaping-related severe lung disease outbreak, despite there were four deaths registered as possibly induced by vaping. In UK vaping is still regarded as a safer alternative to smoking. 


The report proves that vape newbies among adults are mostly former smokers. Only 1% of respondents stated that they never smoked before they started vaping. This means that although vaping is quite a popular new way of nicotine consumption, it shouldn’t be considered a means to get people addicted to nicotine. 

Another vaping-related concern is the popularity of electronic cigarettes among kids. The report states two essential facts. Firstly, younger teenagers are not likely to be fans of vaping (below 1% in the age group of 11). Secondly, teenagers who start vaping have tried smoking before. 

guy vaping and drinking coffee

Also, the number of kids who regard vaping a completely safe method of nicotine consumption is dropping. Same to be said about adults. The number of grown-ups believing vaping is less harmful than smoking has fallen by 10% since 2014. 

Yet vaping has also been reinstated as a safer way of nicotine intake. Therefore, it is imperative for avid smokers to be informed adequately about the role vaping may play in smoking cessation. 

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