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Since the introduction of e-cigarettes to the mass market in 2007, vaping has been growing in popularity. Therefore, more and more people, not yet sure what vaping is, are looking for some vape definition.

So, What Is Vaping?

Traditional cigarette usage is called smoking because of the smoke produced in the process. By analogy, exploiting vapor cigarettes is called vaping. Hence, it is the act of breathing in and out the aerosol, called vapor due to its resemblance to water evaporation. Still, this aerosol has nothing to do with water as it consists of fine particles.

After seeing the light of day, vaping devices evolved significantly, and today we can choose among usual e-cigarettes, vape pens, advanced vaporizers called “mods.” The latter can be personalized to fit individual needs of users. The simplest and least expensive are e-cigs and vape pens, resembling large fountain pens. Customizable tools, like mods, usually are more pricey.

A vaping device is quite plain in construction and consists of a mouthpiece, an e-liquid cartridge and a battery that powers a heating element. When set to work, the heating component vaporizes e-liquid turning it into aerosol inhaled into lungs. The construction parts may be different in size and designs, some elements, like a battery, can be removable and exchangeable, but in general, they consist of the essential parts described above.

What gets into your body is e-liquid vapor, that’s why it contains relatively safe food ingredients – vegetable glycerin-based liquid, scent elements and some other chemicals. The question that interests everyone is “Does vape have nicotine?” Right, it does employ nicotine, thanks to which vaping substitutes tobacco. Recently, the vape meaning has been getting broader thanks to new trends like using e-cigs for vaping THC, the substance contained in marijuana, or synthetic drugs, like flakka.

Electronic vapor cigarettes is rather a new phenomenon. It doesn’t yet have a solid base of medical research like tobacco smoking has. Although it is famous as a healthier way to substitute traditional smoking, the evidence shows potential side effects caused by chemicals contained in e-liquid. The pros and cons of vaping are not yet apparent, so health advocates demand additional research of potential risks. Until then vaping should be approached with caution.

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