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Worldwide vape market has been developing rapidly since the first vaporizer that charges electrically has been invented back in 1994. Nowadays, the choice of vaporizers is so overwhelming that it almost seems like no new product can surprise the refined experienced customers.

However, companies like E-Alternative Solutions keep proving that there is always a chance for development and innovation. In this post, we are going to review Cue Vapor System, a pod mod vaping unit that is currently hugely popular.

cue vapor in bed imageIf you google for Cue Vapor reviews, you are going to find a lot of articles that cover different aspects of this device. In this post, we gathered all the major things you should know about when it comes to this particular vape. No need to waste your time on tons of lengthy reviews, here’s a short one that says it all briefly and succinctly.

All-in-one vaping units are advertised as an alternative to smoking, as a rule. They are all about being simple, handy and compact. They deliver sensations, similar to real smoking, without producing the actual smoke that bothers everyone around you. While some users prefer e-cigs that look like real cigarettes, others search for a device that is simple but produces decent vapor. Here’s when Cue Vapor takes the stage.

According to the most of the Cue Vapor System reviews, it is just what the users needed for most of the life situations where they would generally take a moment to enjoy vaping: when they are shopping, enjoying some time with their family, waiting in their car, hanging out with their friends, and many other situations when carrying a vape-tank with a battery and vape juice is not comfortable and handy at all.

cue vapor in mountains imageTo vape in all those places and beyond, provided that you treat the people surrounding you with respect, you need a compact, endurable and easy-to-use device. Cue Vapor System is a great product that has all these qualities and even more.

Love at First Sight

The current Cue Vapor price is $19.99, according to the official website. The product arrives in a compact white box that opens like a book. The look of the packaging shows you that you got an excellent value for the money. Each piece of the system is located in a separate slot in the packaging.

There is a manual that briefly teaches you to use the system and warns you about the aspects of vaping beginners might not be familiar with. Following this simple manual, you will be able to load your device and enjoy vaping in just a few moments after you unbox it.

The System Constituents

Inside the sleek white package box, you will find the following constituents of the vape system:

– One battery unit (1500 mAh);
– One prefilled cartridge (5 mL Smooth Tobacco, nicotine content: 3 mg);
– One charging cord (micro USB);
– One operation manual;
– One buddy tip (to share vape with a friend and stay safe).

cue vapor outdoors imageThat’s all you need for excellent vaping experience.

This stylish device comes in a range of fancy colors so that it can fit any style of yours perfectly. The currently available colors are white, black, pink, red, orange and blue.

cue vapor flavors imageCue Vapor cartridges come in different flavors. You can also choose different nicotine levels when buying new prefilled cartridges. The choice of nicotine is 0 mg, 3 mg, and 6 mg respectively. The choice of flavors is currently overwhelming:

– Full Tobacco;
– Smooth Tobacco;
– Menthol Tobacco;
– Apple Tobacco;
– Peach Tobacco;
– Vanilla Cream;
– Creamy Mint;
– Blueberry Donut;
– Orange Whip;
– Fresh Melon;
– Berry Smooth;
– Chocolate Banana.

We also advise you to keep an eye on Cue Vapor website, as the new flavors appear from time to time, and you might want to check them as well. If you are puzzled by the wide choice, don’t worry, there are Discovery Packs that allow you to get a selection of five cartridges for a discount price. It is an excellent opportunity to try different flavors on a budget.

Currently, the cost of a single cartridge is $6.99, and the Discovery Pack comes at $31.99. It’s handy that there are ratings and reviews for every flavor. You can see what other users think about it and submit your impression as well.

Now that we’ve discussed the prices and the flavors, you probably have one more question: how long does a Cue Vapor cartridge last? According to the manufacturer, one cartridge is enough for a period between one day and one week. It is impossible to name an exact figure, since the style, frequency, and intensity of vaping vary significantly from one user to another.

How to Handle the Cue Vapor System?

The Cue Vapor System uses prefilled cartridges, which makes the loading process effortless. Remove the two side plugs from your new cartridge, as well as one bottom strap and a rubber top cap. Save the tip to keep the unit clean after use. All you need to do now is pop the square-shaped cartridge into the slot. You will hear a click, and you’re ready to start vaping.

Charge your battery entirely before initial use. It will take around one hour with a USB-cable. However, thanks to the standard USB-port, you can plug the device to charge to any car charging unit or wall adaptor you have.

Press the button and take a draw. You will get a satisfying amount of vapor the very first time. If you are an experienced vaper, you will feel that this device is more powerful than the majority of the e-cigs out there. It might be slightly bigger than other all-in-one products, but it’s still a stylish and compact device.

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Pros and Cons of Cue Vapor System

Below is an overview of the most significant advantages and disadvantages of this system users mane most often:

– Decent vapor production;
– Strong flavor;
– A lasting battery;
– Adjustable airflow (covering one air hole).

– Not stealthy;
– No charger included (only a cord);
– Flavor Choice might be too small for experienced vapers.

Final Thoughts

All in all, Cue Vapor System is an excellent choice for beginners as well as for experienced vapers. This device is loved by many due to its simplicity, reliability, and compactness. You don’t need to make any extra movements to enjoy vaping on-the-go with this product. You can also find the color, flavor and nicotine level that fits your style. Moreover, the battery of this vapor system is very reliable.

However, the not-so-stealthy design of the device might repel some users, who are searching for a more innovative-looking product. Still, Cue Vapor System is a good quality for the money, and it is definitely worth giving a try.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row][vc_row][vc_column][/vc_column][/vc_row]

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