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To start a Davinci IQ review, we have to mention the top six qualities that make this device different.

– Buzz alerts. Maybe it’s not the most essential feature, but it is a great add-on. The buzz will inform you when the device is discharged, charged or give you a lot of other useful information.

– Size and design. It’s small, really. You can easily conceal it in your hand when using. The sturdy build and brilliant design make the IQ vaporizer a genuinely stylish thing.  

– The highest quality of materials. Granted, Davinci doesn’t save on the money and effort invested in the build of the Davinci IQ marijuana vaporizer. It consists of the ceramic zirconia, the best material in the vaping world. What you get from this is crack resistance. You will use the device for many months of uninterrupted use.

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– Smart paths functionality. This high-tech feature won’t leave you indifferent. The Smart paths are the pre-programmed temperature settings which allow you to start from the desired level. The heating starts at a selected temperature which will gradually increase 20 degrees every 10 minutes. You can customize the experience, by setting your favorite scenarios.

– Davinci app. It is known as one of the most user-friendly ones on the market. It allows you to set and control buzz alerts and set the heat level of the Smart paths.

DaVinci IQ with adapter image– Da Vinci IQ Flavor Chamber. It is a newly designed add-on which is not quite usual for the devices of such type. It sits right on the vapor path, before the vapor goes to your lips. You can fill it with your favorite herbs or even with mint leaves to give you extra smell experience.


Davinci IQ Vaporizer Review

The first thing to attract the attention is the price, which reaches to $275 per item. Yet, with the high quality of materials and tech specs, it’s a great deal for the price. When you receive it for the first time, you’ll be blown away by its size, which is actually super portable.

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It weighs 145 grams which are not the lowest level possible, but rather an optimal one, catering to the incredibly comfortable feeling of security when you are holding it. The device is powered by a 3500mAh 18650 battery which is both rechargeable and replaceable, catering to higher flexibility when charging.

DaVinci IQ battery imageThe vapor quality is outstanding, as Davinci vaporizer IQ produces the clouds of high density, which is admitted to a powerful heater. This is possible thanks to an improved vapor path from ceramic zirconia. At the outing, you get incredibly pure flavored vapor. It produces even flavor even without stirring.

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The Davinci IQ warranty has already become famous on the net. The supplier gives 10 year-warranty against the defects in production and workmanship, and you should agree, that’s a lot!

Davinci IQ Problems

Despite all of its merits, the Davinci IQ vaporizer isn’t a piece to turn everyone to its fans. First of all the charging time can be quite lengthy. The path from 0 to 100% takes about 3 hours. In comparison with other vapes, it’s long.

DaVinci IQ mouthpiece imageThe tank size could be bigger, and it might be not good enough if you have used to a much bigger tank.  

In general, you can’t take long, and strong pulls thank the draw resistance. It is only perfect if you like short, small pulls, but it should be a downside for short sessions on the go.

The ceramic ball on the oven door is easy to detach, but it is also easy to lose when not fixed. Without it, you can’t use the vape.

What’s in the box?

DaVinci IQ kit imageThe fact that Davinci invests much in customer loyalty is undeniable. In the pack, you receive a Davinci IQ case, a T-shirt, a glass jar and the device itself. The whole staff makes you feel a kid on the Christmas morning.

Except for that, you receive a rechargeable/replaceable 3500 mAh 18650 battery, a USB wire and flavor chamber made of zirconia and 2 mouthpieces.

How to use Davinci IQ?

To start with, open the lid of the device and fill the chamber with the ground material of middle size. The material grounded small will give you denser vapor, but also more restriction. Make use of the supply oven tool to push the herbs. Click the power button five times to power up the device.

DaVinci IQ chamber imageThe Davinci IQ vape is connected with your smartphone via Bluetooth, and you can quickly make use of the famous Davinci app, letting you establish different temperature modes and a lot more.

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With the Davinci IQ vaporizer, you have to spend quite a fixed amount of money, yet you know what you pay for. You have the product of the utmost quality and a handful of exciting features. Yet, despite the overall positive impression, there are the things which should attract the lovers.


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