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To guarantee a great vaping experience, picking a well-known brand just isn’t enough these days. Yes, the number of distributors in the industry is just mind-boggling, and not all companies are honest in their advertisements.

To ensure a proper vaping experience, it’s vital to find the right place to purchase products that will deliver a trouble-free, seamless vaping experience.

Currently, Direct Vapor is considered to be one of the better retailers. With a vast assortment of parts, outstanding customer service, and competitive prices, DirectVapor really stands out of the bunch.

Their product line includes items for both beginners and advanced users, and if you’re into mods or sub-ohm vaping, this is the go-to place.

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The internet is full of Direct Vapor reviews, but we’ve figured that we might as well give our opinion too. Thus, buckle up, because we’re about to dissect whether or not Direct Vapor com delivers on promises, and if they live up to the legend they seem to be.

So what’s so special about Direct Vapor?

To start off, we would like to get one thing clear, if you ask yourself “is Direct Vapor legit?”, we can say for sure, it is, but there are a few caveats one might not expect. Keep reading our DirectVapor review to find out whether this is the company for you!

Direct Vapor is a retail company first and foremost. They do not manufacture anything and are focused only on selling vaping stuff. Their product assortment has and is not limited to: cases, drip tips, mods, sub-ohm batteries, charges, e-liquids, tanks, starter kits, tools for rebuilding, etc.

The company prides itself on selling some of the most reputable brands in the industry. Their mission is to change the lives of vapers by providing them with the power to control everything they will buy or have already bought.

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The reasons we love Direct Vapor

Guaranteed Low Price

As the title suggests, Direct Vapor has favorable prices. They challenge their customers to find another shop with even lower prices, but as practice shows, this is rarely the case. Those who are new to the scene often buy a plethora of devices to find the “holy grail” flavor.

The company understands this and knows that it’s sometimes hard to find the right device or e-liquid from the get-go, hence the reason why some of their products are so cheap.

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The convenience of a one-stop-shop is also great. You don’t have to search in thousands of different online stores to find that low price tag, and you will be refunded if the product you bought is not your cup of tea.

Also, if you happened to find the same item, but cheaper, you can ask for a refund, or ask them to match the price. This isn’t something every company offers and we consider it to be an advantage.

directvapor deals of the week imageNo phony, only the real deal

The company is committed to selling only genuine products that come from highly regarded brands. This is a no-clone zone and you will never encounter a fake or cheaply manufactured product.

This is one of the few reasons why people opt for buying only Direct Vapor mods and for those of you who don’t know, mods have complex features that mandate quality builds.

If these requirements aren’t met, you will be walking with a mini time bomb that might explode near your face. Keep in mind this information when buying any mod from unauthorized resellers.

Direct Vapor shipping

Aside from having a huge assortment of products, they offer free domestic shipping with no minimum amount of items. The company also offers a same-day shipping service and for those of you wondering where does Direct Vapor ship from, the answer is simple, they have their stocks all over the world, except in Alaska and Hawaii due to the climate. There is no definitive Direct vapor location, and they don’t need it as they get the shipping job done right.

60-Days Manufacturer’s Warranty

With mass-production prevailing on the global market, having a warranty for factory defects is a nice bonus nowadays. As part of Direct Vapor customer service, the company provides a 60-days warranty for their products. Keep in mind, not all products fall under this category and the items like clearomizers, e-liquids, tanks, and atomizer heads are excluded.

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Some of you might say, “Hey, you’ve said that their products come from the most trusted sources” and that would be correct. But as with all things now, one cannot prevent shipping defective units. To counter this, Direct Vapor allows its customers to contact them with any faulty device within 60 days.

top products 2019 directvapor imageCustomers will receive an RMA (Return Merchandise Authorization) and after that, they need to send the device back within 20 days for a replacement. All shipping cost during this process is refunded.

15 Day Return Policy

We’ve all been there. We all received something totally different in the mailbox. It’s okay, it happens. And thankfully, Direct Vapor knows this as they have a 15-day return policy. As long as you didn’t open the product, you can easily return it for free.

However, similarly to the 60-days warranty, you must request an RMA in advance. Also, this policy does not work with unsatisfied customers, so if you got something that just doesn’t click with you no matter what you do, tough luck.


To be honest, we are impressed at how well Direct Vapor manages to provide its services. We know that we haven’t touched the Direct Vapor age verification process and didn’t even mention their website, which frankly, is a database on vaping.

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The company clearly knows what they are doing and this is what separates them from the competition. Thus, if you plan on buying something, go with Direct Vapor.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

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  1. They are great when they send you the product you ordered BUT when you receive the wrong product….not so much! I double checked my order and I ordered the correct product, they sent the wrong one and there is NO way to contact them except snail mail…NO EMAIL, WTH. I ordered the correct product again and will send the wrong one back, then find a different web store the has contact information to order from!