Does Nicotine Make You Tired?

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Another myth revealed: cigarettes increase your energy and performance. In fact, they are not. Instead, cigarettes are incriminated various adverse effects like chronic fatigue, and constant stress.

No wonder, nicotine consumption results in reduced effectiveness of the cardiovascular system, damaged lungs, and pulmonary diseases. It is hard to imagine these conditions paired with extra-energy and even seasoned smokers eventually come to the question: Do cigarettes make you tired?

Negative Health Effects

Smoking brings about health complications of different kinds. Of course, lungs are the favorite target, but other organs systems are diverse. It’s cardiovascular, pulmonary, muscular and skeletal systems, or in other words, all the body.

girl with a headache imageDisorders in any of these domains end up in pains, but the body is smart. Before letting the pain develop, it sends all the forces to fix the breach; therefore there is no energy for secondary stuff. This is the answer to the question: Why does nicotine make you tired?

Smoking and Diabetes

When 90% of protective adds scream of lung cancer, the blood sugar issues stay in the shade. Smoking reduces the body’s sensitivity to insulin, which eventually turns into type 2 diabetes. A healthy person’s body converts the sugar contained in food into glucose, a substance which is easier to digest.

Yet to make it able to enter the tiny blood cells, the body should break it into even smaller parts. This is done with the chemical called insulin. People with resistance to insulin need more of it to process glucose, and the whole thing eventually turns into type II diabetes.

If you search “Does smoking make you tired?”, the engine feeds the nicotine-induced insulin issues as one of the main reasons for fatigue. This is because glucose is the primary source of energy and if it is not processed adequately, there is no energy.

And the Lungs of Course

As we’ve mentioned, lungs are the target number one, and before the severe health issues develop fully, the first symptom is actually feeling tired. Due to the damages, lungs are not processing enough of oxygen, and your body gets hungry for fresh air.

Neither your heart nor eventually, the brain receives a sufficient amount of oxygen, and you always want to sleep. So if you ever asked “Why does nicotine make you sleepy?”, it is because of the lack of oxygen in your blood.

Pulmonary Issues

Another answer to the question “Why does smoking cigarettes make you tired?” is the so-called COPD or the chronic obstructive pulmonary disease.

doctors are against smoking imageThe alveoli of the lungs get blocked, they lose their elasticity and get exposed to different disorders, like, bronchitis, wheezing, and other inflammations. Also, you always suffer from the shortness of breath, and this is the substantial reason for fatigue.

Does quitting smoking make you tired?

In fact, quitting smoking is accompanied with nicotine cravings, relentless and anxiety. In pair with these, the feeling of fatigue is exceptionally sharp, as you don’t receive your favorite stimulant. To avoid this, pump your hungry brain and blood with fresh air and nutrients.

Some physical exercise will fix the work of the mind and will be beneficial to the lungs. Good food and proper sleep will ease the transition period, as they build the ultimate receipt for all disorders.

Does vaping make you tired?

Vaping was invented to curb the tobacco craving but the e-liquids you stuff your vapes with, contain nicotine in different doses, and if your keep your vaping rich in nicotine, you are still exposed to the adverse effects. Although now attention centers around nicotine now, in fact, any stimulus works similarly.

Some studies prove that any incentives improve the performance by making organism overuse energetic supplies. But as long as they reach up to an absolute peak, the decay follows 1. So, if your body supplies are exhausted, even the small amounts of nicotine lead to fatigue.

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We have found many queries like ”Do cigarettes make you tired?”, “vaping makes me tired” or “nicotine makes me tired” and all of them speak of how little we know about our body functions. Everything consumed in massive amounts, like cigarette smoke or even nicotine containing e-liquids, lead tests the limits of energy resources and casts us into a whirl of hazardous conditions.

Beating our bodies utilizing stimulants in the name of short-term energy jumps, we shouldn’t forget to please them with proper food, sleep, and exercise, for the sake of long life.

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