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The Dr. Dabber SWITCH is a new desktop vaporizer released by Vapers for Vapers. Featuring induction style desktop vape, the device has a lot of promise.

With its blistering fast induction heating system, the SWITCH vape is a godsend to those who like their vaping fast. Dr. Dabber has a pretty sleek design and multiple performance modes, so we have a lot to cover. Let’s get started!

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To begin with, let’s explore what the device is capable of doing with dry herbs and concentrates. Just like other similar products on the market, Dr. Dabber SWITCH vaporizer is a mix of performance and versatility. Coming with a ton of goodies, the device is extremely effective at heating things.

Dr. Dabber SWITCH vaporizer imageThe coil on the top works in tandem with a cleverly positioned cup. In technical terms, the SWITCH is a precision-directed energy delivery gadget that uses electromagnetic coupling to transfer energy in the form of an oscillating magnetic field into the induction cups. To put it simply, the heating coil creates a magnetic field which is then absorbed by the cups, producing heat as the result.

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There are several temps for extracts and dry herbs. The system allows for accurate power control, which helps users to find that sweet spot much easier. Also, this system is a great cost saver. The induction heating coil cooperates with the cups, which means that there’s no need for an atomizer. In general, the device offers a lot of flexibility and is a perfect fit for both vaping vets and newbies.


The Heating Process


During the pre-heating phase, the device induces power to the cups to increase the general temperature as fast as possible. The fastest heating session takes up to 5 seconds and the longest one ends after 12 seconds.

The designers ensure that the heat is spread on the heating surface equally, which helps eliminate all “hot spots”, and thanks to the proper heat spread, Dr. Dabber SWITCH allows for a consistent flavor during a vape session.

There is almost no oxygen inside the device so dry herb is exposed to a higher temperature past the point of combustion. Your terpenes don’t undergo combustion, and this means that you don’t inhale harmful parts of the burned material. How is that possible?

The induction cups are placed inside of the coil covered with the cap. Due to the lack of oxygen, the environment remains free from the ignition. Ultimately, you have a much smoother experience.

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Leaf and Oil


Just a flick of a switch, and bam! You can go from dry herb to concentrate, simple as that. Dr. Dabber knows that there’s no one-size-fits-all when it comes to temperature settings. Therefore, Dr. Dabber SWITCH vaporizer has 25 temperature modes so that you could enjoy all kinds of vaporized material.

Dr. Dabber SWITCH parts imageIf you want to taste the slightest notes of your terpenes’ flavor, set the device its lowest temperature. Similarly, if you prefer dense clouds, just switch the item to the highest degree and have an amazing mouth-to-lung experience.

But isn’t it a bit overwhelming to have 25 choices of heating temperature? Well, yeah, it might be for beginners. However, Dr. Dabber has it covered. You don’t have to swing around all options.

There’s a 5-temperature “Standard Mode” with calibrated settings from the lowest to the highest heat level.


Dr. Dabber SWITCH Vaporizer: How to Use the “Standard Mode”


Basically, these are the quick default settings that you can use if you don’t want to mess around with 25 options, and they work pretty well. Here’s what you need to do.

– Pour some water into a glass percolator and attach it securely to the top of the SWITCH. Make sure that the SWITCH is in the correct mode (herb or concentrate).
– Set the temperature using corresponding buttons ( “+” and “-”). 1 LED corresponds to the lowest temperature, hence maximum flavor, whereas 5 LEDs indicate the highest temperature, hence maximum vapor.
– Once you pick the right settings, load an induction cup (black is for dry herb, and white is for concentrates).
– Place the cup into the glass top using tweezers (they are provided) and put on the ceramic filter.
– Press “Go” and put the carb cap on the glass percolator.
– The device will let you know how’s the heating going. Gradually escalating red light means that it warms up. Solid green indicates that Dr. Dabber has reached the right condition.
– Hold the heat profile for 15 seconds. Next, continue with a “cool down” mode. It will be marked by a cascading blue light.

When it comes to using concentrates in “Standard Mode”, Dr. Dabber SWITCH vaporizer enables the “flavor” game at its best. Even though it won’t necessarily produce “massive” clouds even at the highest temperatures, it certainly will assure the substantial flavor regardless of the selected heat range.

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So if you are more into making large clouds, you should probably go for dry herb materials. They are generally more susceptible to temperature settings not only on this device but on any other vaporizer. It’s just the way it is. But no worries, with the SWITCH, vape will be dense and flavorful at the same time.

Dr. Dabber SWITCH glass bubbler imageAs you can see, “Standard Mode” is not rocket science, especially with unambiguous LEDs that guide the user throughout the heating process. You can even set up 25 different LED settings for every temperature mode, enough to give you a light show if you please. It doesn’t affect the performance, but it surely can spice up the experience.


Dr. Dabber SWITCH Vaporizer: How to Use the “Advanced Mode”


This mode is more suitable for hardcore vapers who’d enjoy experimenting with extensive temperature settings. You can apply all 25 heat options for both concentrates and dry herbs.

Useful tip: In “Advanced Mode”, it’s best to have Dr. Dabber SWITCH vaporizer user’s manual in front of you during the first couple of uses.

Here’s how you make it work in the “Advanced Mode”.

– Place the power switch to OFF position.
– Hold the “Go” button down, set the switch on the desired material (Extract or Dry Herb), and release the “Go” button.
– The LEDs will let you know that you’re in “Advanced Mode”. The front 5 LEDs will light up in a rainbow. At this point, use controls (“+” and “-”) but there’s a little twist. This setting has five different colors, Yellow (the highest), Green, Cyan, Blue, and Purple (the lowest). There are also sub settings to each color, namely, 5 Yellows, 5 Greens, etc. That’s how you get all 25 options between 300°F and 800°F marked in different colors.
– Once the temperature is set, the device starts the same loading process as in the “Standard Mode”.
– “Advanced Mode” enables you to remember your typical “ hold time” (the amount of time the device will keep the temperature held). To set it up, you need to press and hold down the “Go” button first. The red LED light will show that the device is heating up. The LED will then switch to yellow (it indicates that the SWITCH started recording the new hold time). You need to keep holding the “Go” button until you’re happy with the new hold time. It will be saved automatically. The device’s minimum hold time is 5 sec, whereas the maximum hold time is 30 sec.

The “Advanced Mode” is definitely an option for experienced users. Truth be told, there are very few vapers who see 25 temperature settings and say “Ladies and gentlemen, yes!! Finally!” But just in case you were wondering, there’s no other desktop vaporizer on the market that allows for such freedom in terms of customization.

After all, the button control for “Advanced Mode” is not that difficult, a comprehensive user’s manual and a small digital screen will simplify this process as much as possible. At the end of the day, you can ignore it and enjoy your materials in the “Standard Mode” without compromising a smooth vaping experience.


Prolonged Battery Life


Dr. Dabber SWITCH vaporizer has quite an impressive size, so it’s not surprising that the battery capacity in this device is far above the average. The 5 purple LED lights indicate battery life; each LED stands for 20% of the remaining charge. According to Dr. Dabber, a single charge on this vaporizer can secure up to 150 uses.

Dr. Dabber SWITCH battery imageJust to illustrate how potent the SWITCH is, we’ll tell you this. You won’t need to carry an extra battery in your backpack despite the fact that this large device has super-fast heating time and a temperature range between 300°F and 800°F.

So far, this is the best battery performance we’ve ever seen in a desktop vaporizer. Apart from that, it takes only one hour for this device to charge to 100% from the complete dead. And you can totally use it while charging as it supports a “pass-through” technology.


The SWITCH: Safety


As some of you might know, heating elements tend to wear off and crack over time. However, the Dr. Dabber SWITCH vaporizer has all electronics completely shielded from the vapor. Not only this allows for a totally leak-proof experience but prolongs the device lifespan.

Dr. Dabber really put some efforts into making this device super safe, which is really important for vaporizers of such capacity. Namely, the SWITCH automatically cools down after each heating cycle. This process is indicated by a blue LED light cascading downwards.

The device never starts heating unless an induction cup is securely attached to its place inside the unit, which excludes the possibility of dry firing. Such precautions not only ensure a safe vaping but also contribute to extended battery life.


Cleaning and care


With a few pieces and no electrical connections that could potentially be broken, The Dr. Dabber SWITCH is very easy to maintain and clean. There’s a dedicated “Self Cleaning Cycle” for the ceramic induction cups. Basically, what this mode does is heat the device to around 800°F (in about 12 sec) and cleanses off any excess material that’s left in the cup.

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If you want to put more effort into sanitation, you can use a +90% isopropyl and clean off the induction cups, glass top, ceramic filter, and percolator attachment with a few cotton swabs.

On a final note…

The Dr. Dabber SWITCH is definitely a top player when it comes to the desktop vaporizers. Extreme heating levels extended temperature settings with various modes, and a superior battery life combined with a top-notch quality of vapor are just some of the things that make the SWITCH vape truly exceptional. If you’re looking for a versatile desktop vaporizer of the best quality, you shouldn’t miss this one.


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