Everything You Need To Know About Unflavoured Nicotine

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Sought and tasted examining quite a few e-juice flavours but left frustrated?  Haven’t found the one that you liked? Or maybe you want to save some money but not give up your daily vape activities?  If any of these are true, you should definitely give unflavoured nicotine a try.  Moreover, if you are someone who likes it plain and free of chemical e-juices this one is for you. 

Solid research will reveal how it differs from flavoured ones. In this article, we explain every detail about unflavoured Nicotine and its aids that you should know.

What is unflavoured nicotine?

Unflavoured e-liquid is simply e-liquid without the flavour.  Vapers who don’t like juices or any other aromatic components in their e-juice should try unflavoured nicotine. This gives vapers a vast range of choices with e-liquid. 

Did you know? 

Blending your own e-liquid is literally easier than buying some pre-mixed base and adding a flavouring of your choice to your exact liking.

You know now!

Unflavoured nicotine is convenient for-

  • Vapers who want to control the amount of flavour concentrate within their e-liquid and use the unflavoured liquid as the base.
  • Vapers who don’t want any flavour to their e-liquid but still want the sensation of vaping.

Do you belong to any of these? 

Is unflavoured nicotine harmful?

Unflavoured nicotine isn’t harmful. Here, the vapers are in control of how much nicotine they are consuming.   However, if you prefer just a taste of nicotine when you vape, you can buy a batch of e-liquid with anywhere from 3mg to 6mg to 12 mg. 

Many vapers complain about consuming fruit vape before dinner and being left with a bad taste and odour in the mouth.  Thus, not one, but two reasons for choosing unflavoured nicotine will definitely make a difference. 

How long does unflavoured nicotine last?

The unflavoured nicotine e-liquid has an established shelf life of 2 years if stored under optimal conditions. If they get exposed to direct sun or excessive heat, the nicotine begins to break down faster.

How to use nicotine?

Unflavoured nicotine cannot be vaped as it is. It has to be diluted first.  Though annoying, including e-liquid is a vital part of vaping in Australia.  It is necessary to know the specific volume to avoid excess nicotine consumption. Wear protective gloves and glasses when operating nicotine at such a high concentration. 

Note down the nicotine strength you want to vape at plus the size of the e-liquid bottle.  Using a nicotine calculator you can find the definite ml of nicotine you need to add to your e-liquid base.  Close the lid and shake the e-liquid. You’re now ready to vape!

Can you get nicotine vape in Australia?

There’s wonderful news for all the vapers out there.  You just have to be patient until everything comes back to order.  The importation of e-cigarettes and nicotine e-liquid is still lawful in Australia.  The mass revolt of vapers in Australia has led to positive consciousness among people. This is going to be a good setback to the government bills in pace. If everything goes well, we will win this one. 

The Aussies can simply grab their unflavoured nicotine from an online nicotine e-liquid NZ store

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