How Bad The Upcoming Bill Can Hurt Australian Vape Business?

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The new bill against vape is certainly not good for Vape business in Australia. The federal government’s publication of the ban on nicotine-containing electronic cigarette fluids seriously affected around 227,000 daily e-cigarette buyers in Australia. The ban said that from January 1, 2021, users may not import nicotine-containing fluids for e-cigarettes, even if they have a prescription. But the vape business in Australia will not fall prey to the bill. Before jumping to agreements, let us identify the key facets.

What does the rule say?

Commencing January 1, e-cigarette users will need a prescription from their physician, along with the physician himself who is responsible and competent to import the commodities on their behalf. That too, if the doctor has a proper permit to import nicotine as an unauthorised therapeutic. As you can speculate that it will be unduly hard for physicians to move to these lengths for providing their subjects with nicotine access, so they continue vaping.

There is no reason for vapers and vape retailers and wholesalers to fear at this point. These regulations have just been disclosed and there are no physicians in Australia already with a permit. Interestingly, most doctors are unsure to prescribe nicotine for vaping and it is incredible there will be anyone who will continue the additional burden of applying for permits and organising importation.

What will the vape entrepreneurs in Australia do now?

Well, in this scenario, two options are available to them.

Option 1: As the laws aren’t significant enough and nobody, literally nobody is taking a step to allow that, the vapers will ignore the new regulations and attempt to continue importing their e-cigarette fluids. With no warning labels or instructions for safe usage, nicotine levels may be unknown and samples might be cut with dangerous substances. So the vape wholesale and retail will continue their businesses without a setback.

Option 2: The vapers will go back to smoking cigarettes as a legal and easily accessible source of nicotine. E-cigarettes are 95% less harmful than smoking. So as the health of lakhs of people will be compromised, a lot more unhealthy and smoky Australia will prevail. So the vape businesses will slowly change themselves to cigarette manufacturing and nicotine making.

On December 21, the TGA announced that from October 1, 2021, vapers would require a doctor’s prescription to obtain vaping devices and certain other nicotine products.


Thus you can see that there was no mention of a ban on importation or the previous draconian file.

  • Mr Hunt and the government appear to accept that the importation ban isn’t feasible at all.
  • They are not going to accept the fact that this would leave vaping dangerously unregulated in Australia.
  • We are the only western country that requires a prescription for a much less harmful option rather we are allowed to feed upon the deadly products

Funny enough?

The need of the hour

Australia needs a proper regulation of vaping products to ensure that vaping is taxed proportionately as a much safer consumable item. Rather than banning vapes, the government should regulate nicotine-based products, for the sake of good health. The government needs to understand that only by legalising something, people will sneak out less.

No harm to the vape business

Legalise Vape Australia which is an organization created by the vape trade union in Australia is strongly opposing the bill and trying to stop it in legislation. The share price of Philip Morris International, the largest traded tobacco company, fell from its peak of $US122.90 in 2017 to a current average of $US87.50. Big investors are bailing out of tobacco companies as the vape market continues to shine.

People started switching to a healthier alternative overnight and vaping made that a reality. So for the sake of good, the Aussies will keep on fighting the case until they are allowed to take legal and rightful decisions for their health and lives.



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