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The G Pen Elite is a dry herb vaporizer that has temperature control, adjustable convection, rapid heat up and an impressive LCD display. Every G Pen Elite has its identification number, which prevents scammers from selling fake G Pen Elite vaporizers.

G Pen Elite kit imageIt is a well-designed vaporizer, which is pleasant to hold and to use. Grenco Science manufacturer created the design of this vaporizer together with Burton Snowboards and Phil Frost. Some G Pen Elite reviews say that the vaporizer deserves five stars already for its handiness and design. Besides outstanding design, this vaporizer boasts of top-notch performance as well.

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The original heating system of the device delivers excellent flavor to the user, making this vape one of the best products in its category. Even though it’s not the smallest portable vape on the market, it is very ergonomic and lightweight. Its durable battery can last six vaping sessions, and it takes only two hours to charge it to the full afterward.

Features of G Pen Elite

This ergonomic and stylish vaporizer is an excellent choice for vapers of any experience and lifestyle. Users who travel a lot will appreciate its light weight and portability most of all. Below you will find an overview of the characteristics of the device.

G Pen Elite vaporizer imageManufacturer: Grenco Science
Made in the US (California)
Available color: black
Voltage: 110 v
Dimensions: 3 x 3 x 6.25 inches
Weight: 0.55 lbs
Compatible material: dry herbs
Temperature control: 200F -428F
Ceramic heating chamber
Heat up time: 30 seconds (to 357F)

As you can see, the features of this small portable vape are quite impressive. It is worth the money for sure.

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Heating Chamber

The G Pen Elite is equipped with a high-quality ceramic chamber that is easy to access, load and clean. Just remove the G Pen Elite mouthpiece, and you get right to the chamber. No extra moves needed.

G Pen Elite tool imageTo make the most of your vaping sessions, keep your vape clean at all times. After every vaping session, take a cleaning brush and sweep the chamber. Also, don’t forget to wipe the mouthpiece from time to time as well, to keep your device clean and to prevent any bacteria from rooting there. As you can see, there is nothing hard about G Pen Elite cleaning.

G Pen Elite: How to Use?

The first thing you need to do is remove the mouthpiece and load the dry herb into the chamber. After that, put the mouthpiece pack on and press the power button swiftly five times. It will activate the vaporizer. Next, the LED screen will light up and show you parameters like temperature, remaining battery life, and current vape settings. You can change them if you wish, and within seconds you can take a hit.

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Grenco G Pen Elite has two heat control buttons located closely to the LED screen. This way, you can change the temperature easily. Please note that the heating starts every time you turn on the power of the vape (hold down the power button for about two seconds).

G Pen Elite grinder imageIt’s very convenient that you can see the real-time status of the heating on the LED screen. Unlike the majority of portable vaporizers, Grenco Science G Pen Elite does not take over a minute to heat up. You can take the first draw as soon as in twenty seconds, which is quite impressive for this type of device.

The G Pen Elite vaporizer review wouldn’t be complete without mentioning the closest competitors of the vape. They are Pax 2 and FocusVap. Without getting deep in the details, we’ll just tell you that the G Pen Elite scores more points due to its design and functionality.

You are not likely to need any G Pen Elite instructions when you get your vape, because it is very easy to use, maintain and clean. it all makes this vaporizer a great product, worth giving a try.

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Final Thoughts

The G Pen Elite is a portable, lightweight and stylish vaporizer that heats up within half a minute. It is twice faster than most of the currently available vaporizers can offer. This vaporizer is extremely easy to handle, thanks to its LED display. A big chamber fits both individual and group vaping sessions.

The powerful battery of the device lasts for up to six sessions in a row, and it charges pretty quickly as well. Another great thing about this vape is that you can set the temperature to your preferences.

Like any product, the G Pen Elite has its drawbacks too. First of all, its mouthpiece hits up significantly during a long vaping session. Also, there is no way to change the vape battery, and you can only charge it using a micro-USB port. Still, we don’t believe that any of these things could be a deal-breaker.


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