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The Hyppe Max Air 5000 is a great disposable vape that lasts up to 5000 intense puffs. The device is filled with 13 ml of 5% liquid, which is significantly higher than the filling of the previous Hyppe Max Flow model. With a 650mAh battery, this device can last all day.

The unusual design of the innovative Hyppe Max Air 5000 in the form of a soft, rubberized box with rounded edges captivated even the most sophisticated vapers. The highlight of this device was the presence of a strap, the use of which minimizes the likelihood of losing the device because now it can be carefully hung around the neck or wrist.

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Hyppe Max Air 5000 strap image

Product Features

  • Puffs: 5000
  • Liquid capacity: 13 ml
  • Battery: 650 mAh with Type-C charging
  • Nicotine concentration: 5%
  • Nicotine Type: Salt Nicotine
  • Coil: mesh

Hyppe Max Air flavors ranked from best to worst

Hyppe Max Air 5000 impresses with a wide range of flavors. All of them are special in their own way and will give the vaper the best vaping experience. Try each one to find the flavor that suits you best.

Naked Unflavored

Everyone will like this taste. It is it that occupies a leading position in this ranking. And it is not surprising, because it has neither a pronounced aroma nor an artificial aftertaste, but only a pleasant icy feeling. Naked is perfect for those who love icy flavors but still want something simple and unobtrusive.

Strawberry Freeze

Strawberry Freeze – bright ice taste, balanced with sweet notes of strawberry. It will captivate with its freshness and light unobtrusive aftertaste and therefore deservedly takes second place in this rating.

Lush Freeze

You can’t help but fall in love with this bold watermelon taste, harmoniously mixed with icy notes. Lush Freeze is sure to become a favorite of many vapers. This flavor is very popular among young people.

Mighty Mint

This wonderful and rich icy, minty taste hits the throat and gives notes of freshness and freedom. “Mighty mint” – the taste of the winner.

Black Sakura

A very unusual, but appetizing taste “Black Sakura” is a Japanese tea that captivates with a mix of sweetness and bitter notes.

Strawberry Sky

Unlike Strawberry Ice, this taste is sweeter and fresher. Vapers compare it to the aroma of freshly picked strawberries mixed with cream

Summer Fruit

It’s an amazing blend of mouth-watering summer fruit flavors including pineapple and mango. All fragrances are well-balanced and combined into an unforgettable composition.

Caramel Ice Cream

The luxurious taste of caramel ice cream fills you with every breath of this fragrance. The intense and crunchy caramel flavor is followed by delicate creamy notes. This is a great choice for those who love dessert flavors.

Sour Peach

Wonderful electrifying sour taste will delight from the first breath. After that, you will feel a delicious fresh peach taste that perfectly balances the sourness.

Mango Freeze

The Mango flavor is a real hit. It is moderately sweet, without an artificial aftertaste, with an icy aftertaste.

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Design and Quality

The Hyppe Max Air 5000 sub-system has a remarkable design. Thanks to the unique shape of the body, the presence of a mouthpiece, and a strap, this vape is unlike any other device on the market today. The design is simple and at the same time revolutionary.

Hyppe Max Air 5000 image

The stylish white case consists of two convex plastic parts, connected in the middle with colored silicone, painted in the color of the fragrance. The Hyppe Max Air 5000 features a drawstring for easy carrying in your pocket or around your neck. The strap has a bright neon green color and is emblazoned with the Hyppe brand name. If necessary, it can be quickly removed.

There are many air holes along the front and back of the device. This is a thoughtful design that further increases the amount of vapor in this device. When vaping, the front air vents light up with a blue LED. The name and flavor of the Hyppe Max Air 5000 are printed on the front of the case.


This device has passed the durability test with flying colors. The experiment showed that even when dropped from a height of 5 feet or more, the vape remains completely intact. The Hyppe Max Air 5000 will withstand a certain amount of wear and tear. Throughout the entire period of operation, this device will bring the vaper real pleasure from vaping.

Hyppe Max Air 5000 size image

Is the Hyppe Max Air 5000 leaking?

The peculiarity of this model is that it can be worn around the neck or on the wrist, which means that it must be absolutely tight. And the inventors of the Hyppe Max Air 5000 completely coped with the task. During the tests, the vape never leaked.


Hyppe Max Air 5000 disposable is very comfortable to hold thanks to its innovative design. The rounded edges of the device fit well in the palm of your hand.

But it is the silicone mouthpiece that causes true delight among vapers. It is easily held between the teeth while vaping, providing comfortable use of the device even without hands. The teeth hold the mouthpiece firmly without slipping.

Battery and Charging

The Hyppe Max Air 5000 uses a large 650 mAh battery. The battery lasts for 10 hours of continuous use, which will help you enjoy vaping all day long.

During the entire test period, the battery worked perfectly, without any problems with maintaining a charge. When the device is fully charged, the blue LED indicator flashes once during inhalation, after which it dims slightly.

The only additional feature of the Hyppe Max Air 5000 is the ability to recharge. The Type-C charging port is located in the silicone on the right side of the device. The sub-system charges very quickly, within 30 minutes. While charging, the vape does not work properly. Unlike many other disposable devices, you won’t get much vapor if you try to use the Hyppe Max Air 5000 while it’s charging.

Vapor Production

Hyppe Max Air 5000 impresses with battery life and delicious taste. Traditional e-liquids have never been able to catch up with the rich flavors found in the flavor range of these innovative disposables.

The disposable coil has a durable mesh element that provides a pleasant, warm, and intense draw. The pull sensor is very responsive, allowing you to take shallow or stronger puffs. The blows hit the back of the throat, but without overdrive.

The MTL draw is ideally designed for the best vaping experience. Even novice vapers will have no trouble getting used to the Max Air 5000. There is no airflow control, but it is not needed in this well-designed device.

The cloud is dense and voluminous, especially for such a compact MTL device.


For such an innovative device, the Huppe Max Air 5000 comes at a fantastic price. At your disposal will be 5000 puffs of the delicious taste of the liquid for only $15-16.

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The incredible design sets the Hyppe Max Air 5000 apart from hundreds of other disposable devices on the market. It fits comfortably in your hand, and the silicone mouthpiece is a pleasure to smoke. The innovative design of the mouthpiece prevents leakage while vaping, so the vaper does not have to be constantly put straight.

Each flavor is well-balanced and delicious. There are ten unique flavors to choose from, many of which are sure to become your favorites. Powerful mesh coil delivers bold MTL hits and dense clouds.

The 650mAh battery is huge for such a small and compact device, enough for a full day of vaping. You can quickly recharge your vape with the Type-C charging port. Despite the lack of advanced features or airflow control, this device is sure to please even the most sophisticated vaper.

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