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Cartridge systems entered the lives of vapers as suddenly as their preferences switched from heavy battery mods and huge 2-coil tanks to small MTL setups and eGo devices. Of course, the responsibility for this lies with the invention of the nicotine salt formula and its successful application in devices such as Juul, where it was enough for the user to charge the device from time to time and change the pre-filled liquid cartridges.

Vapers said – manufacturers did. And the market was soon filled with cartridge systems of varying degrees of development. However, it is worth saying that over time, manufacturers again ran into a shortage of ideas and began to upgrade their offspring in different ways, increasing power, autonomy, and other, already less significant characteristics.

Around this time, the so-called disposable vaporizers hit the market – another “hello” from the past, which found a new life with nicotine salts. Devices are incredibly convenient, but hefty expensive if the vaper only uses them in vaping.

And now, today we can get acquainted with the next round of evolution in the vaping market – the NOQO Basic kit device. A device released from under the wing of the brand of disposable vapes embodies a number of ideas that are attractive to vapers.

A little bit about the design

NOQO Basic has a small body and weighs quite a bit (40 grams), it has a soft-touch coating, which only benefits the tactile impressions of the device. The only negative that can be recognized already in the first minutes of acquaintance is that the coating is very easily soiled and the fingers strive to leave their imprint on the NOQO Basic case.

Visually, the body of the NOQO Basic kit is somewhat reminiscent of a cartridge case from a hunting rifle – until you install a cartridge into the device.

If you pay attention to the lower part of NOQO Basic, then there is both an indicator, friendly burning during a puff, and a Type-C connector – another nod to modern mobile devices.

Technical characteristics – there is something to brag about!

Looking at Juul, we can assume that since we were “given” the opportunity to recharge, the manufacturer will not place any more or less capacious battery inside, starting from the logic that charging is always at hand. However, Nako understands that an ordinary vaper is unlikely to sit around charging 24/7, so there is an 850 mAh battery inside the device – which is more than enough for a day of vaping with the rest.

The same can be said about the capacity of NOQO Basic cartridges – the manufacturer claims that each unit can last for 1500 puffs. Or, expressed in liquid-quantitative terms, their capacity is 4.5 milliliters.

By the way, these same cartridges cannot be refilled – and they are supplied with pre-filled liquid with different flavors. A little lower in the text we will analyze each of the presented tastes.

Speaking about the power of NOQO Basic – the manufacturer nominally indicates a value of 6 watts, but in fact, we cannot somehow influence this value – neither airflow settings nor power adjustments are provided in NOQO Basic. Perhaps it will appear in Nako Pro (just a joke, but who knows). Steaming also happens automatically – the Fire button is not provided.

How does it taste?

We stocked the entire collection of existing types of cartridges for NOQO Basic and tried each of them. A number of flavors surprised us with the state of “head off”, some seemed, to put it mildly, superfluous. Whatever the case, read on.

NOQO Basic Cartridge Flavor “Gummy Bears”

The smell from the cartridge is promising – it seems that here they are, the iconic chewy bears! However, with the first puff, we understand that the horses will have to hold back. It seems that the manufacturer was so eager to make the fragrance as natural as possible that he lost “that very” unnaturalness, which in any other taste would have gone for a minus, but this is where it lacks.

NOQO Basic Cartridge Flavor “Green Mango”

Despite my personal love for mango, this fragrance didn’t really appeal to me because of the cooler, which seems out of place here. In all other respects – mango lovers will definitely go with a chill.

NOQO Basic Cartridge Flavor “Strawberry Ice Cream”

Surprisingly, Nako managed to develop a fragrance that everyone else could not embody at all. And this is not an exaggeration! The aroma of strawberries on the inhale is indistinguishable from a natural ripe berry, and the creamy “fatness” on the exhale makes you forget that this is actually a vaping liquid and not a frozen dessert. What other manufacturers often messed with – a chill – is made here exactly as it should be. It touches the receptors only slightly, reminiscent of the “frozen pedigree” of this fragrance. In other words, 5 “head dumps” out of 5, bravo!

NOQO Basic Cartridge Flavor “Ice Peach Mango”

From the phrase peach mango immediately, suspicions of excessive chemicals crept into my head, but, surprisingly, this is not so. The manufacturer managed to make a juicy mix, in which both components are well heard, and the chill does not irritate, but only slightly complements the composition.

NOQO Basic Cartridge Flavor “Wild Berries”

Another fragrance, the name of which did not promise any revelations, but turned out to be the opposite. As we all know, there are berry mixes of varying degrees of success in almost every line – and usually, one of them does not have to talk about versatility.

However, here, not only did the manufacturer not overdo it with flavors but also the taste is so natural that it seems as if each berry can be distinguished and touched with the tip of the tongue.

NOQO Basic Cartridge Flavor “Watermelon Gum”

Another “hero” of almost every vaping liquid line is watermelon gum. I must say that few people get it normal, then there is too little watermelon, then chewing gum is too chemical. And I must say that here, alas, hitting the target did not happen.

It seems that the manufacturer was so afraid to overdo it with aromas to the point of chemical that he simply left us a “half-strength” taste, so you can steam it, but fans of the “same” watermelon chewing gum will not understand the taste.

NOQO Basic Cartridge Taste “Strawberry Kiwi”

Needless to say, the combination of strawberries and kiwi is a very frequent guest in the hands of mixologists. Bad Drip Farley’s Gnarly Sauce gave this mix staggering popularity, so everyone, to a greater or lesser extent, tries to make this mix look like Farlick.

How did you get on with this cartridge? The bad news is it’s not. The good news is that the taste is incredibly multifaceted and does not give off a drop of chymose at all, unlike the same “Farlik”, in between times.

NOQO Basic Cartridge Flavor “Ice Mandarin”

This time, the original combination in the line is the taste of ice tangerine. And I must say that it is heard on the receptors in exactly the same way as it is seen – due to the fact that the manufacturer does not overdo it with aromas, diverting tastes into chemistry, in fact, this story feels like you are drinking juice freshly made from tangerines with ice. Fans of red-haired citrus fruits are definitely on the must-have list.

Taste of NOQO Basic Cartridge “Tobacco”

Well, where without the beloved by all tobacco. In this cartridge, the manufacturer decided to please vapers with classic tobacco without any secondary shades like caramel or vanilla, and it turned out exactly as one would expect from a “just tobacco taste” – the flavor is implemented with high quality, but without revelations, so that it could become a favorite.

NOQO Basic Cartridge Flavor “Guava Pear Passion Fruit”

The combination declared in taste initially did not promise anything good – the more components in the liquid, and the less it looks like a “premium”, the more you realize that, most likely, an indiscriminate porridge awaits you at the exit.

However, these words are not about this cartridge. Somehow, miraculously, mixologists have managed to keep the balance of the components, leaving them distinguishable in the total mass, with the separation of tastes on inhalation and exhalation.

To tell the truth, it is pear and passion fruit that sounds the strongest in this mix – but it is understandable, guava, in general, is not the main taste note. Also, there is a chill in the taste – gentle and careful, not causing a desire to spit out the lungs at all.

In other words, somewhere incredibly talented mixologists work for Nako, for which you would like to take your hat off to them (if I walked in a hat, of course).

Summing up

NOQO Basic hit the market exactly when it was needed the most. People have already forgotten Juul, and Logic Compact and MyBlu, in principle, did not bathe in the rays of glory against the backdrop of the popularity of the first.

Moreover, the market was flooded with disposables, and many have already forgotten about such designs as a reusable sub-system with replaceable pre-filled cartridges, and even more, did not know about them at all.

In vaping, the NOQO Basic device is able to surprise not only beginners but also experienced users – not only does it produce an impressive amount of steam (at six watts!), but it can also pamper your receptors with a number of successful flavor combinations.

Of course, not all tastes are masterpieces, and there are small quibbles about the design features of the device (the cartridges are made in too dark plastic, so it is difficult to follow the liquid without peering), but all this fades against the background of the fact that this is not only a high-quality device but it and costs very little.

The math is incredibly simple because since one cartridge is designed for 1500 puffs, the price of the NOQO Basic device together with the cartridge is approximately equal to a similar one-time offer with the only difference that later it will only be necessary to buy additional cartridges without replacing the device – at a price equal to the smallest of the one-shots for 300 puffs.

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