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lil Solid is the new tobacco heating system from Philip Morris, which has already made its mark on the market with its previous IQOS device.

Why did Philip Morris decide to make another line of tobacco heating systems? Because Lil Solid has a different target audience. IQOS is positioned as a premium device, while Lil Solid is a more compact, lightweight and budget device.

The box at lil Solid is minimalistic and stylish. The device itself can be bought in three classic colors: black, white, and blue.


– device;

– charger and micro-USB cable;

– cleaning device;

– special sticks for cleaning;

– user’s manual.

lil Solid looks stylish in any color. Compact, neat, and made in the form of a tube. It is not too wide, so it fits comfortably in the hand.

Lil Solid is most conveniently compared to Glo: they are from the same price segment, both from leading brands and with similar positioning. And this is about all the similar moments. The devices have a similar design, but otherwise, especially in practicality and ergonomics, Lil Solid is inferior.

First, the decision to use micro-USB instead of the popular and efficient Type-C is extremely incomprehensible.

Secondly, the rounded bottom of the device. As if this is not a problem, you just lose the opportunity to put your device vertically. You can only put it on the side because otherwise, it will simply fall.

Now Lil Solid has three types of sticks: regular, crisp (citrus with mint), and viola (berries with mint). The sticks are called Fiit and, according to Philip Morris, they are not interchangeable with sticks from IQOS.

But if you look at the sticks closer, the shape and size of the sticks are very similar. But there is still a difference: in Fiit there is no foil around the tobacco.

In practice, it is easy to check that Heets can be used in the Lil Solid device. But we do not recommend using Fiit sticks in IQOS: the heating blade in IQOS easily breaks the Fiit stick, because there is no foil in them.

IQOS devices use a heating blade for heating, while Lil Solid devices use a heating rod that holds the used tobacco well.

On the other hand, this problem was apparently known during production, so there is a cleaning device in the kit. But clean carefully: the rod may break.

To use the device, you need to take out the cap from Lil Solid and the special tray. This tray can help you get rid of tobacco that may have been left over from your last smoke break. Just take it out and shake it out.

Please note that, unlike IQOS, there is no special lift cap. To pull out the stick, the manufacturer recommends turning it three times so that the tobacco comes off the rod and only then pulls it out.

Lil Solid is definitely a good option for every day. Own line of sticks, budget price segment, and premium design. One of the advantages over analogs is the launch of a second session without a long wait. It can be safely recommended as an alternative to IQOS.

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