Joyetech Tralus 20W Smart Review

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Joyetech once again pleases vape fans with an original brainchild – the Tralus Smart Pod sub-mod.

The main characteristics of this device are functionality, independence and convenience.

The device is a compact pod mod with a built-in battery of medium capacity, controlled by the Avatar chipset. The device provides for the use of replaceable evaporators of the EZ series and RBA-base.

Thanks to the chip, the device can be used both in standard 20-watt wattage mode, as well as in smart mode, where the power is selected automatically.

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Replaceable coils for this device provide for the use of liquids based on salt and organic nicotine.

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It is possible to purchase this device in 6 colors: black, gray, silver, red and with patterns in the form of “pebbles”.

The device is quite well equipped, there is everything you need. One minus is that there is no serviced base in the kit.

The first thing Joyetech Tralus Smart Pod can boast of is its small size, it fits easily in your hand and does not take up much space in your pocket. At first glance, its smooth lines and different body finishes are immediately noticeable, while decorative inserts make it attractive in any color.

To provide power, there is a built-in 800 mAh battery. The battery is charged with a current of 1A using the USB Type-C connector, which is located at the bottom of the device.

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The main feature of the device is its Avatar chipset that provides operation in 2 modes: standard wattage, with the ability to adjust power, and smart mode, where power is set automatically.

The device has a display on which you can see the performance of the device, the battery level, its power.

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The device has a removable cartridge with removable coils. To date, the developer has introduced 2 types of coils for this device. The first of them is on the grid, for free puffing, and the second on the spiral, for MTL cigarette puffs.

The cartridge has a blower adjustment in the form of a large slider on its side surface.

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Even a novice can easily refill the cartridge: it must be removed from the battery pack, and, turning it over, place the base of the bottle in the hole and add 2 ml of liquid there.

The novelty turned out to be really attractive, and its original design and power will not leave any vaper indifferent.

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