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The Voopoo ARGUS AIR POD kit model deserves attention, primarily because of its small size, there are not so many such pod mods on the market. The device has a built-in battery in its arsenal, its capacity allows you to vape during the day without charging.

The GENE.AI chip is responsible for control, PnP series coils are needed for normal operation. In terms of appearance, the device combines ergonomics and compactness. 

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The presence of the GENE.AI chipset opens up new opportunities for the user, including access to the use of the device in variwatt mode. The manufacturer provided users with the opportunity to choose a cartridge suitable for personal preferences, it can be with replaceable and built-in coils.

Also introduced is the function of blowing adjustment, for this you need to change the position of the cartridge. At the moment, the device is available in seven color options, in this regard, the manufacturer has provided users with a lot of choice.

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The manufacturer pays special attention to the packaging of its products, this was also implemented in the case of this model, the box included a standard set of components:

  •     Battery box;
  •     Standard cartridge, PnP series vaporizers can be placed in it;
  •     POD-cartridge, in its inner part there are evaporators 0.8 Ohm;
  •     PnP series coil resistance 0.6 ohm;
  •     Charging cable;
  •     Instruction for the user.
  • battery pack
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Recently, the company has been actively releasing new devices that are in great demand among users. One of these new products is the ARGUS AIR POD kit, a continuation of a series of devices for vaping from a world-famous manufacturer. The company plans to take a leading position in the market of devices for vaping, all available methods are used to achieve this goal, including the release of new products.

The developers involved in the creation of the new model opted for the “remnant” form factor, its size is 31.4×95.3×19.3 mm, this approach made it possible to implement optimal ergonomics that will appeal to many users. You also need to touch on the appearance of the device, the designers gave 100%, giving users the opportunity to choose among seven colors.

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The power rating of the device can reach up to 25 watts, which is made possible by the built-in 900 mAh battery, which is a good figure considering the size of the device and the power range. You can replenish the charge using a charging cable that connects to the USB Type-C connector on the device case with a current of 2A.

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The manufacturer has introduced the GENE.AI chipset in the new model, its presence allows the user to use the device in variwatt mode, in addition, the optimal power is selected automatically, the main guideline is the resistance of the installed evaporator. Coils with a resistance of at least 0.6 ohms are well suited for this board.

To change the power, you must press the “Fire” button. The activation of the device is carried out by tightening, an alternative is to use the “Fire” button. The control system also includes a screen that provides the user with information about the main performance indicators of the device.


In the model under consideration, an unusual solution was introduced, we are talking about two types of cartridges, in other words, the user got the opportunity to choose between cartridges with built-in and replaceable evaporators. At one time, Smok also successfully implemented a similar solution. Fixation of cartridges in the inner part of the case is provided by magnets, they fix them in one position.

One of the cartridges is Standard, PnP series coils are suitable for it, there are a lot of them, so the user can choose the best option for himself. Those who already have a lot of experience and have been fond of vaping for a long time can install a serviced base.

As part of the choice of the evaporator, one should not forget that the maximum power indicators cannot exceed 25 watts. The second cartridge is POD, it has a built-in evaporator with a resistance of 0.8 Ohm, for this reason, if the evaporator breaks down, it will be possible to solve the problem only by completely replacing the cartridge.

Cartridges are refilled through the hole, in order to gain access to it, you need to remove the silicone plug, then perform the desired action – filling the tank with liquid.

The user can independently set the puff. You can do this by following these steps: remove the cartridge from the battery pack, rotate it 180 degrees and install it in place.

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