Just CBD Review

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Just CBD Review

New to the CBD industry, the JustCBD brand is set to deliver the best value for money on the market. Offering 99% pure CBD isolates and vegan, non-GMO vaping products the company is slowly making a name for itself.

But how exactly are these products fair under the microscope? Does relatively low pricing affects the quality of the products? And is there a catch? All this and much more in today’s  Just CBD review. Let’s get started!

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Scope of the Review

Before we jump into the review process, we’d like to emphasize that we’ll cover their vape oils, terpenes, and isolates as these are the most common consumables and these are also the ones we’ve got our hands on.

As usual, we’ll cover the pricing, the flavors, and what size of clouds we’ve managed to achieve. Where applicable, we’ll also touch on the packaging as it also has an impact on the overall experience. Now, on to the products. 

JustCBD Vape Oils

We’ll start our review with the look at Just CBD oils.

For this test, we’ve got three bottles to taste, namely, OG, Scout Cookies, and Pineapple Express. Each bottle variant comes in different capacities ranging from 100mg and upwards to 1000mg.

JustCBD Vape Oils

All three bottles we’ve tested using a sub-ohm tank at around 0.4-ohm. And suffice to say, they were actually pretty good. 

The best result was the Pineapple Express flavor, in our opinion. The taste was much more convincing than the two other bottles. Although it’s worth noting that the OG was pretty close.

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With its watermelon notes, the smells and the taste was pretty spot on and we were generally impressed.  The Scout Cookie flavor was the least performing of the three.

It was a bit too sweet and kinda reminded maple syrup. For some of you, this might be just it but we didn’t like it as much as the other two. 

What really impressed us was the results of the effect. After a small session, the CBD effects kicked in and we immediately noticed that we were in a much more relaxed state.

Overall, we liked the fruit line more than the sugary ones but it was okay. The effects were amazing and they are worth the price alone. 

JustCBD Terpenes

Next is the terpenes product line. For testing, we got the Northern Lights, OG Kush, and White Widow flavors. All of them come at a $30 per 1 mL bottle price tag which is okay by today’s standards.

Each of these terpenes is a mix of different hemp strains and each of them has a distinct benefit, even though they are slightly noticeable at first. We also cannot talk about the cannabinoid content as there is no info listed neither on their packaging nor the website.  

JustCBD Terpenes

So, each terpene comes in a glass jar that has a rubber stopper that you have to use in conjunction with a needle-tip dropper. All three products have a distinct scent and all of them smell pretty good, so no complaints here.

We tried to vape each of them using a mouth-to-lung device and the results were surprising. The effects kicked right away. I felt a sense of euphoria and relaxation after a few draws. This is great news if you plan on using it with a couple of friends.

Generally, this is a solid product line and you can’t go wrong with any of them. The only thing to keep in mind is that using it straight isn’t really recommended. Instead, try them with a pod vape or something. 

JustCBD Isolate

And the last part of our JustCBD brand review covers isolates. By the looks of it, it’s the same kind of isolate they use to produce edibles, which is great since it allows us to use it in a number of ways (eaten, dabbed, and vaped just to name a few). All JustCBD isolates come in a transparent jar. Nothing special here but that’s a good thing, you don’t need it anyways. 

JustCBD Isolate

I’ve started our testing by putting a tiny amount under my tongue. I’ve noticed that it’s pretty tasteless outside of the expected bitterness, which is good if you want to mix it with something. We also tried it with a dab pen and it was okay.

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What we like about isolates is that you can use them with just about anything. Heck, you can even cook stuff with it. From pies to candies to cookies, they are perfect additives. To add some to your meals, all you have to do is melt it and that’s all. Simple as that. 

Bottom Line

And this concludes our review. After testing out each product separately, we can say without a doubt, if you want to have a good time at an affordable rate, head over to the JustCBD store right away. The quality is there and the variety is along with it.

We loved that each product was consistently good and that there were no deviations or exceptions. The packaging is great too so if you plan on picking something for a present, no extra efforts are required.

Overall, we recommend JustCBD as a brand and hope that in the future, we’ll hear more from them.


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