Kylin V2 RTA Review

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Kylin V2 RTA Review

Meet Kylin V2 from Vandy Vape. The vaper community already knows the famous Kylin RTA. The follower, Kylin Mini, was doomed to succeed thanks to the improvements, and now we have Kylin V2, the updated version in the popular series. So, what does it store for us?

In look and style, Kylin RTA V2 is like its predecessor, but it has a handful of improvements that we are happy to describe in this review. 

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Kylin V2 colors

Kylin V2 Starter Kit

Traditionally, we start our Kylin RTA review with what’s in the box. And there we have the following: 

  • The Kylin V2 RDA
  • Drip tip
  • Glass window
  • Accessory bag

Kylin RTA Build and Design

Vandy Vape Kylin RTA has the best of two worlds: sizable volume and low-profile design. It holds up to 3 ml of e-liquid or even 5 ml if you use the extension. At the same time, it has just 24 mm in diameter, and the diameter of the extension is 26 mm.

Kylin V2 RTA parts

This version also features a substantial improvement: the coil sits much closer to the mouthpiece, and that enables better functioning and exquisite user experience.  

Vandy Vape created Kylin V2 in ambition to fit the most extensive customer needs. Therefore it is adaptable and well machined. In has a 510 drip tip adapter and a Goon style resin drip tip compatible with Half Moon drip tips. 

Another fact we can’t avoid mentioning is the quality of engineering. The mechanism is well machined and very easy to assemble and disassemble when cleaning. 

Kylin RTA V2 features the top-fill mechanism with a sliding closure that gives a pleasant snapping sound when you open or close it.

Kylin V2 tank capacity

The engraved dot on the top of the tank makes it easier to find the place to open the cap, but it could be a bit more sizable for a better feel.  

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The design is mechanistic and simplistic. It enchants with the strict and reserved aesthetics that speaks of the overall high quality of production.

V2 Build Deck

The U-shaped cambered-style deck holds both dual and single coils, that is a great pro. Whatever option you choose, the coils sit right in the center for better user convenience. The deck is fixed via four hex screws on the corners.  

The wicking slot is a bit slim, so to get the performance as you like it, you have to put extra effort into wicking.  

Kylin V2 coil installation

Kylin RTA V2 Performance

In terms of wicking and dry hits, Vandy Vape Kylin is a tricky toy. It uses e-liquid quite fast and can give you dry hits even if a couple of last drops are still in the tank. To make sure you avoid unpleasant surprises, you must keep an eye on the e-liquid level. 

There can be an issue with leaking if you don’t close the airflow holes when filling or leave the top open. 

If you do everything right, the result will be more than pleasant. The Kylin RTA V2 provides thick, flavorful clouds of vapor, primarily if you use the dual coil setup. The flavor deserves special attention, as the tank is designed to underline all the shades of your best e-juice.

Kylin V2 RTA internal airholes

Kylin Airflow Quality

The airflow experience is better than expected thanks to the improvements in the engineering. The beveled insert in the deck directs the airflow up from beneath the coils up through the center of the deck. This gives both the thick vapor and intense flavor.

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The airflow, even at the widest setting, is a bit restricted, which caters to better user experience. The draw is robust but smooth and lets you have a great lung and throat hit. This is possible due to the narrow airflow slots, that are much smaller than ones of the original.

Kylin V2 RTA airflow

Kylin V2 Coils

It is easy and quick to put the coils into the deck, thanks to the coil cutting tool included in the package. It cuts a couple of minutes off the coil building process and has a sticker that indicates the perfect length of the coil for each deck.

It is beneficial because if you don’t use enough of cotton, you may experience some spit back or leaking. 

All you must do is to snip the coils according to the tank model and place them into the slots. Then, tighten the screws, and you are done. The whole thing is fast and smooth, although wicking may be a fuss.

It is possible to have a couple of dry hits in the beginning before you get accustomed to wick your coil properly. 

Tip: To make the process smoother, it is recommended to fluff the cotton before wicking. 


Maybe not created for beginners, Vandy Vape Kylin RTA will please experienced vapers and flavor chasers.

The fans of previous Kylins will be happy to see the considerable improvements, and those who see it for the first time will love the dense vapor and great flavor. A nice tank to try!


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