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nicotine free cigarettes
[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]In the last decades, we all lessened the hazardous effects of traditional cigarettes and yet, kicking the nasty habit is not one of the most straightforward tasks. Nicotine free cigarettes are one of the numerous ways reported productive in smoking cessation, but the question arose: do we know all about the cigarettes without nicotine?

Here we have prepared at least five most important facts, you should pay attention to when taking up this new distraction tool.

Tobacco-free cigarettes are made of medicinal herbs. And this is not bad, as in fact these herbs don’t contain nicotine, but consist of other natural chemicals, the effect of which isn’t studied yet. The most popular fillings are jasmine, ginseng, passion flower, lotus leaf, licorice root, red clover flowers, rose petals, corn silk.

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The majority of these is harmless when used occasionally at long intervals of time. But complications may occur when the herbs get consumed in large amounts for the long period. For example, licorice evokes pressure jumps, weakness, paralysis, or even brain damage, when used regularly.

No nicotine cigarettes contain the same byproducts that the traditional ones. Surprising, ha? In fact, the bad reputation of conventional cigs is built around dangerous nicotine contents. However, it’s tar and carbon monoxide that cause lung cancer, mouth cancer, and other issues. In fact, every product that produces combustion and requires a user to inhale smoke has the same side effects.

The most dangerous part in all of this is that due to advertising the users feel safe about smoking herbs and since there is no buzz effect, they smoke harder and oftener. As a result, they get exposed to risk oftener than habitual smokers with higher awareness level.
Advertising of non-nicotine cigarettes is strictly regulated.

Many alternative cigarette adds were describing them as completely safe, which was deceitful. This made the Federal Trade Commission to make companies “…disclose that herbal cigarettes are dangerous and that “no additives” does not mean a safer smoke.”

Tobacco-free cigarettes increase the risk of heart deceases and different kinds of cancer. As we stated before, the nicotine-free cigarettes are still dangerous due to carbon monoxide, that is the primary reason of lung, mouth and esophageal cancers. To keep the cigarette lit, the user should sometimes puff oftener and more deeply, so the contact with the dangerous chemicals lasts longer.

Burnt herbs increase the risk of coronary issues, as tar is the primary reason for heart diseases. Moreover, it brings about brain damage and breathing problems. Other disorders include headaches, sick stomach, asphyxiation. We should also mention herb allergies, with severe outcomes.

They are dangerous as you never know when to expect the hit. A suffering person can have consequences immediately after the first use or out of the blow, after a couple of repeated sessions.

Nicotine free cigarettes are preferred by social smokers. Granted, the non-tobacco cigs are rather for those who suffer from psychological dependence on smoking, than hard nicotine addicts. They are great for people who are used to take a cig here and there and need frequent relaxation puffs.

It is curious, but these safe cigs have the same social prominence that the conventional ones do. Teenagers, who haven’t tried nicotine yet, go for herb cigs to state the same community message.

To Draw the Line

Although there are a couple of side effects of nicotine free tobacco, it is still a great and productive way to cease smoking. Although in fact, the person doesn’t fight “smoking,” but rather uses this habit to cut on nicotine.

Since we are still dealing with “smoking” in the literary sense, some caution should be taken to avoid dangerous byproducts, released in your lungs during combustion, or at least to reduce their impact on the organism.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

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