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O.pen VAPE Portable Vaporizer Review

The O.pen vape is a portable vape pen that can be purchased only in limited areas of the US. Currently, you can get your O.pen vape in California, Colorado, and Washington. O.pen vape pens can be purchased only in the states that are MMJ-friendly. The reason for it is that the pen operates with disposable cartomizers of a certain type.

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These cartomizers are pre-filled with cannabis-infused CO2 oil and are manufactured by Organa Labs. Each 3mg cartridge has around 120 mg of active cannabinoids. You can choose cartridges with Indica, Sativa, and Hybrids for this vape.

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The O.pen vape box is stylish and easy to carry around. It is very elegant with its black and green colors. Inside of it, all of the kit elements are arranged well in their compartments. When you get your O.pen vape, here’s what you will find in the box:

– 1x O.pen battery;
– 1x USB charger;
– 1x Empty 0.5ml cartridge;
– 1x O.pen vape lanyard
– 1x Honeypot (with a syringe fill tool);
– 1x 0.5ml of O.Juice and honeypot (food-grade mixing bowl);
– 1x Honeypot lid;
– 1x Mixing tool;
– 1x Fill tool.

The O.pen vape battery is preinstalled in the vape, but it comes completely discharged when you get your device. For this reason, you need to charge it to the full before initial use. After you plug it into the USB, the red light on the charger will let you know that the battery is charging.

When the battery is full, the light indicator will turn from red to green. At this point, you can screw in the cartridge and start using your vape.

With O.pen vape, you can control your hits easily. The harder you inhale, the bigger hits you will get. According to some O.pen vape reviews, the oil in the cartridges is not strong enough for them, and they need to take about four strong draws before they can feel any effect.

Initial Use

To start using your O.pen vape, you need to charge the battery to the full. Next, unscrew the device and mix the concentrates with the O.juice in the honeypot. Now, connect the refill tool to the syringe and fill the cartridge.

Take the cartridge and screw it back into the battery of the vape. Activate the heating unit by drawing a breath. Finally, you can simply enjoy a vaping session.

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Quality Control

The material undergoes some serious quality control before it gets to the O.pen vape refills. For example, in California, Organa Labs take a sample from every batch of material and send it to CW Analytical, Oakland, for lab testing.

This lab test company determines the cannabinoid profile for every batch of the material. They also check whether there are any pesticides, residue solvents, and microbiological contaminants in the provided material.

Each of the O.pen vapes comes with a unique serial number. It basically means that you can call CW Analytical and request data on lab testing of the given product.

Pros and Cons of O.pen Vape

In this O.pen vape review, we’ll include a list of major advantages and disadvantages of the vape pen, so that you could decide whether it is a product for you faster. Let’s start off with the advantages.

Pros of O.pen Vape:

– Compact (only 6” long);
– Lightweight and ergonomic;
– Handy buttonless operation;
– Instant automatic operation (no heat up time, activated by draw);
– Overheating protection (automatic shutdown after eight seconds);
– LED light notifying about the activation of the heating element;
– Easily refillable cartridges;
– Decent battery life (around one week when used regularly);
– Strict quality control (unique serial number for every product);
– Battery and cartridges are covered by a lifetime warranty.

Cons of O.pen Vape:

– Contains Polyethylene Glycol (thinning agent) that has not been safety tested by the FDA. Thus, it is not known whether it can cause any adverse health effects when heated and inhaled;
– Medical marijuana patients won’t get enough CBD from the product: the cartridges are rich in THC, but they have little CBD;
– No comprehensive info on terpene profiles (medical marijuana patients won’t be able to determine what terpenes might provide them relief);
– The O.pen vape cartridges are made of plastic (can be used only once; not the healthiest option);
– Far from the purest oil on the market. You can easily find oils that have a much higher content of THC or CBD;
– You need to clean the syringe well before every filling;
– Long charging time for such a small device (three to four hours).

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Final Thoughts

The O.pen vape pen is very easy to use and maintain, nearly everyone will be able to do it intuitively, without having to turn to the O.pen vape instructions. This device operates with disposable cartridges that come prefilled with cannabis-infused CO2 oil. In this O.pen vape review, we tried to cover all the major aspects of the device and its accessories.

Since it’s a very simple vape, there is not much to add. It’s a device that is fun and easy to use, carry and clean. If you live in one of the states that offer it, you might use the opportunity to give it a try.


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