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If you prefer compact but functional oil vaporizers, the PAX Era is the product that was made for you. Its performance is beyond comparison.

Due to the use of a special cartridge, the thing may appear costly, but you’ll see that this is the true value for money. Indeed, the ultimate system is the simplest mechanism for this kind of purpose you’ve ever seen. Adjust the cartridge and take a draw instantly!

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PAX Era Dab Pen: How it Works

When we say that this product is very simple to use, we really mean it. The whole thing consists of the two parts: the cartridge and the base. There are no other extra details, and you’ll see that this is all you really need for the greatest vaping experience.

The base is basically a PAX light display and a battery. The cartridges easily slide into their place on the top of the base.

To start vaping, you just need to make sure that the cartridge is in place, and as long as it is installed properly, you’re good to go. This is the device with which you won’t have to bother as PAX Era is a take-a-draw and vape-on-the-spot kind of pen. Likewise, when you’re done, simply put it back in your pocket. It doesn’t require any extra operations to stop working. You don’t have to worry about closing the cap of turning the pen off.

Despite the basic construction, the device has plenty of settings, so no worries, you’ll be able to control the performance of your PAX Era. This dab pen is as flexible and customizable as any other complicated vaping mechanism. Here are a few things you’ll get along.

pax era app imageFull Temperature Control

The device has four default options and a possibility to add a custom temperature setting. The process of changing the setting takes about 10 seconds.

Shake the dab pen to actualize a battery check mode. The indicators will show how much battery is left. In the meantime, remove the battery. The lights will start cycling to indicate the available temperature options. When they’ll hit the level you need, just pop the cartridge back in, and the new setting is applied.

The mobile app will help you to adjust the temperature.

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PAX Era Cartridges

The cartridges are a specialty of this dap pen for vaping. Yes, you’ll have to splurge a little to buy the premade cartridges for this vaporizer, but as soon as you try it in action, all the concerns will vanish into thin air together with an incredibly flavourful vape. The experience is especially enjoyable at the lower temperature.

pax era pod imageThe cartridges have many different formulae. The selection of flavors in really impressive, so you’ll be able to experiment with different tastes. The manufacturers take the whole plant processing thing very seriously, so the oil in these cartridges indeed is of the top quality.

The PAX Era cartridges are special not only because of the flavor but also due to their size. They are super small and extremely intensive at the same time. You’ll see that the size of the hits is much bigger than it may seem at first glance.

The only drawback of these cartridges is that they use PG, the electronic cigarette liquid stuff. Therefore, if you are into an all-natural approach to herbal concentrates, you’re gonna have to take this peculiarity into consideration.

Overall, with the super convenient interchangeable PAX Era pods, a refill couldn’t be easier.

The Quality of Assembly

One word – excellent. The performance to size ratio is really impressive. It is hard to imagine that the tiniest device like this can ensure such incredible vaping experience. The PAX Era is very durable, extremely effective, and razor-sharp stylish. In addition, it gives you total control over the temperature.

A one-year warranty is another pleasant bonus given that the base costs only $20.


We cannot highlight it more, but the size is so tiny that you can carry the device with you absolutely anywhere. PAX Era perfectly fits into the pocket. Even some wax pens look a bit bulky compared to this one.

This product is no inferior to any other device in the market, and the extra benefit that you get is discreteness. You can easily hide it in the palm of your hand.

Simplicity in Use

The device starts working instantly. Once you assemble the whole thing, all you need to do to take a draw during the day is to put it out of the pocket. PAX Era doesn’t require heating up or clicking on/off buttons. At the same time, the interchangeable PAX Era pods make it unbelievably easy to swipe the flavors. There are no tricks, this is really how it works.

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Battery Life

Although the vape battery inside is only 240mAh, it lives much longer due to the small capacity.

This may seem insufficient for a good performance, especially in spite of the fact that the regular concentrate pen requires at least 600-750mAh for it to work well. However, don’t be fooled by a number since PAX Era battery lasts for over 100 draws. Actually, they claim it to power up to 200 puffs, which sounds a bit fictitious though. Returning to reality, the device will enable the whole day of vaping without the need to recharge. It will take around 45 minutes to charge it fully.

Overall Experience

We’ve tried dozens of different vaping devices, and we must admit, there is no other product in the market that provides the user with such convenience, the richness of flavor, and simplicity in use within this price range. The device combines a tiny size, a long-lasting battery, a full temperature control, and an exceptional pod system. On top of that, you get to adjust the settings via the mobile application.

One thing that we’d recommend to do before purchasing the device is to google where to buy PAX Era pods, because it may not be easily available in the place of your residence. This product will be especially good for those users who have quick access to cartridges.

On the final note, even if you’re not planning to use it all the time, this little fellow will be very handy when you’ll need to save space or keep a low vaping profile. We cannot think of any other vaping device that would give you everything mentioned above combined. PAX Era is our top pick so far, and we are more than sure that you won’t regret buying one for yourself.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

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