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Good for smoking quitters and new flavors chasers. The Vuse Digital Vapor Cigarettes offer quite high doses of nicotine content in their e-liquids and are aimed at experienced tobacco smokers. Being developed by another tobacco tycoon, the Vuse device doesn’t share all the novelties and tricks invented by the e-cig producers, who traditionally occupy the market. So let’s run a closer Vuse e-cig review.

The Vuse e-cig will offer you a premium design as it is made of metal and sustains the elegance of a high-class device for those whose style matters. The product is close in look to a conventional cigarette, of course having its hi-tech pros. For example, the black cartridge and real stainless steel battery come shinier and brighter in comparison with any standard smoke.

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vuse package imageThe two parts are connected with the ring of either green or red colors depending on the type of flavor you use. When holding it in hands, you get a comfortable feeling of a solid metallic thing, quite weighty as compared to a discreet size.

The Quality of Build

The device is very sturdy, due to the robust metallic constitution and details firmly and securely attached one onto another. The Vuse is free from loose connections and gives a pleasant sense of security when used, which is so rare to see with plastic vapes. The high-level engineering manifests itself from every part, offering mess-free maintenance and perfect production.

Being designed for short-term use, Vuse e-cigs last for about three hours or so of operation before you have to recharge it. It’s somewhat less than devices by the well-established brands, but quite excellent coming from its price and destination.
The Vuse E-Cig Kit. It is a simple kit that includes only the necessary things to get you started, what are the battery, a cartridge, and a USB.

The way of Use

All you need is to attach a Vuse cartridge to the battery and start using the device. The LED light signalizes every puff. The Vuse electronic cigarette is looking similar to other e-vapes, except for more high-tech design.

As the battery drains out the LED light starts flashing in red every two seconds, so it’s hard to skip the moment when some power input gets crucial. The continuous red light urges you to charge the battery immediately. The white LED light comes with the need for cartridge replacement.

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The Vuse Vapor Quality: the product excelled in vapor production within the range of the same-level gadgets. A significant amount of vapor, produced from 3-5 seconds inhale, is quite well as per user reviews.

In general, the Vuse e-cigarette goes well for moderate cloud-chasers and nicotine quitters. Of course, it’s not the PRO version, suitable for fans of eGo kits or mods, but if you are a starter – you’ll be on the winning side.

An excellent throat hit comes with every drag, accompanied with significantly concentrated flavor as compared to other e-cigs. The e-liquid has a high content of nicotine, which is 48 mg or 4.8% – notably more in analogy to real cigarettes. Therefore, vapers, used to the devices with a lower nicotine level, should be careful, or they will get buzzed quite fast.

Another underwater current is dangerous for nicotine quitters: these e-cigs are more powerful and may strengthen addiction instead of lowering it. Mainly if the chain-smokers used to a high-frequency cigarette use, take Vuse vaping for a substitutional activity, ending up in an often consumption of high nicotine portions.

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Battery and Atomizers

As for a small and handy kit that costs $10 the battery drains quite slowly, which is 8 hours, on the condition of medium frequency use. A heavy-use session lasts about 2 hours. Why not think about some extra batteries?

They’ll be great in case you don’t want to make recharge breaks too often and it’s not a fuss, considering the ergonomic battery size. Depending on how often you vape, Vuse cartridges will be enough for a few rounds of vaping.

Interesting Details

The RJ Reynolds Vapor Company is a subsidiary of Reynolds American Inc, a renowned tobacco company that actively participated in anti-vaping campaigns before 2012. Well, perhaps they adhered to a rule: in case you cannot predict your future, try to invent it. With the e-vape market growing fast, tobacco predators have to change to remain at the top of the nutrition pyramid.

The Vuse Digital Vapor Cigarette comes in two variants: the Solo and the System. The difference between the two lies in set and price. The Vuse Solo, introduced in 2013 is sleek in designs and wins the market of the low-price e-vapes as it costs $10 per pack.

The Vuse System offers a stronger battery (200mAh KR808), three cartridges instead of 1 in the Solo, a USB charger, and a carrying case. Therefore, it’s the price is $30. The ease of use and cleanliness, vapor production and flavor are at the same quality levels.

You can currently enjoy eight Vuse flavors ranging from classic tobacco to refreshing fruit palette. Each scent has a high nicotine level, that’s 48 mg, and it’s good to note that this amount is too high for an average e-vape user. The refill cartridges come at $6 per pack, containing two pieces. The high price is proved by tobacco content, rather than the quality of tastes which is known as mediocre.

Due to this fact, the manufacturer opposes online vapor business, taking for the reason the efforts to keep high-quality tobacco products on the level of sophisticated users. Also, the company pushed the ban on online e-cigarette business. Currently, you can buy the Vuse e-cigs in brick-and-mortar shops in Colorado and NY areas.

Even tobacco purchase online is quite a hassle, as they ask for registration and some identification data, which are later compared to public records to verify user identity.

Final Review

It’s hard to call the Vuse product top of industry development, but it is excellent from the price point and is suitable for heavy chainіsmokers trying to quit. These two facts are the most significant as a beneficial factor when compared to competitors.

Since it doesn’t propose the full range of modes, flavors, and qualities offered by more experienced e-cig manufacturers, the Vuse comes to the fore in case a user is looking for a decent price to quality ratio. Still, if you are chasing a better vaping experience, it’s better to start with more reputable brands.

Still often refills and low-level durability brings to higher expenses especially when buying $3 tanks and replacing e-cig from time to time. So the real price will add up eventually.

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– Affordable price compared to other producers
– Good throat hit
– Nice taste
– Good-looking design.


– Lame operating batteries
– Not available online
– Flavors could be of better quality

To conclude, we must admit that Vuse e-cig took the mediocre quality devices niche on the market, and among the devices of its level it offers the excellent throat hit and vapor quality, in combination with affordable price. Still, the design and small size give the owner a more sophisticated look, than plus-size devices.

The high level of nicotine is right for heavy-smokers to get accustomed to vaping but may be a no-go for quitters, or vapers with more experience with low-nicotine e-liquid.


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  1. This product is awful. I’ve had it for only four days and it’s already trash. It keeps going when I’m not even using it to the point of almost overheating. There’s also been times where I’ve completely removed it from the charger, but the light is still showing that it’s charging and when I put the tank on, it automatically starts again without me using it. Total waste of money and it’s not like I can return it to where I got it because I used it.