Coastal Clouds Mango Berries Ejuice


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Mango Berries Ejuice from Coastal Clouds, is a mouthwatering eliquid concoction of tropical flavor that just wants to explode out of its 60ml chubby gorilla bottle. Enjoy a flavor rush of bright yellow but slightly mellow mango slices oozing with juicy nectar in which heaps of bold, ripe berries are thrown into for the finishing touch on this tropical vaping experience in a bottle. Brand: Coastal Clouds / Bottle Size: 60ml / Ratio: 70/30 / Flavor Type: Fruit Coastal Clouds Mango Berries Ejuice Description Enjoy a rush of sweet and delicious tropical flavor, featuring smooth and juicy mangoes and sweet luscious mixed berries! If you were looking for a vacation in the clouds, look no further than this tart and tangy eliquid! First up, we have bold and delicious mangoes, ripened to smooth and yellow hue by the rays of an island sun. This sweet and juicy fruit has long been touted as an exotic island flavor, but now you can really taste the pure sweetness in every breathy inhale. These sweet fruits have been stripped of their peels, then sliced and diced until only the core remains. Slices of exotic mango are all that remain, and we’re betting your taste buds can make quick work of them! Next, we have tart wild berries to spice things up! These mischievous little berries were chased out of their brambles, right into a woven basket that is filled to the brim with lush strawberries, plump blueberries, shy raspberries, and sultry blackberries! Each of these berries gladly pairs with the delicious mango spears for a fruity blend of sweetness your vape taste buds will love. Enjoy the sweetness of the island with the soft and juicy mangoes, but also appreciate the wild flavor of the forest, thanks to this jubilee of mixed berries!


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