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Experience the delicious flavor of candied lemons and sugared limes with Citrus eJuice by Burst! Grab your 60mL bottle of 0mg, 3mg, or 6mg nicotine today at eJuice.Deals. A soft and chewy citrus sweet awaits you in the cloud, bursting with all the citrusy goodness your taste buds crave! Brand: Burst / Bottle Size: 60ml / Ratio: 70/30 / Flavor Type: Sweets, Fruit Burst Citrus Ejuice Description Jump headfirst into a cloud of chewy deliciousness with Citrus eJuice by Burst! We wandered around the Everglades groves, admiring the wildlife, when we discovered a forgotten citrus grove. Lush lemons and tart limes dangled from the trees, the cloying citrus scent filling the air and delighting our nostrils. We gathered as many of the lemons and limes as we could carry and made our way back to our candy lab. We zested the citrus rind until we had a large pile of green and yellow shavings. Next, we squeezed the remaining citrus into a large bowl, the tart flavor swirling around merrily. We pour the lemon and lime juice into a bubbling pot of sticky candy. The citrus flavor seeps into the candy and infuses the tart flavor into the sticky sweetness. We add in the zested shavings and pull the taffy into a thick rope. The taffy is cut into thick squares and is wrapped up in colorful wax paper squares. The sweet and tart squares are stuffed in a 60mL bottle that’s perfect for all day flavor. Enjoy a burst of citrus and taffy flavor with every puff of this delicious e-liquid called Citrus eJuice by Burst!


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