Flave Lab Melon Bubble Rush Ejuice


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Melon Bubble Rush Ejuice by Flave Lab features a fun and flavorful way to get your sweet tooth cravings satisfied. Chew on a square of watermelon flavored bubblegum, but instead of blowing gum bubbles, you’ll be blowing monstrous clouds! Take your fruit and sweets cravings to new heights with this sensation eliquid. Brand: Flave Lab / Bottle Size: 120ml / Ratio: 70/30 / Flavor Type: Sweets Flave Lab Melon Bubble Rush Ejuice Description Fresh slices of juicy summer watermelon have been carved up just for you in the heat of all your summer cravings! These fresh melon slices are smooshed to drain every ounce of juice possible, and then whisked away to the bubblegum factory! Fresh slabs of bubblegum now hum happily as they are pressed and cut into neatly wrapped squares. Each sweet square gets soaked in the freshly squeezed watermelon juice, infusing each piece of bubblegum with ripe and juicy summer melon flavor. And the neat little trick about this delightful flavor is that no amount of vaping will cause this sweet and juicy bubblegum to lose its flavor! Puff on summer ripe melon bubblegum for days and blow succulent clouds of bubble-scented deliciousness! Celebrate the heat of the summer by blowing your own clouds into the wind, and chasing them into the sunset. Flave Lab offers your taste buds a chance to dive into lush flavor of sweet summer watermelon flavored bubble gum. Enjoy a rich and juicy square of delicious bubblegum, sweetened with a thousand slices of fresh summer watermelon and puff on clouds of chewy bubblegum for as long as your vape taste buds can handle!


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