Flavorah Pink Guava – 15ml

Flavorah Pink Guava


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A tropical delight, this pink guava flavor really transports us south with its sweet and fruity taste. It’s like your own personal spider monkey climbed to the top of a tree and pulled it down, just for you. Vape it all day long, this one does not get old.Highly Concentrated Flavoring for mixing at 2-5% solutionContains zero nicotineGRAS listed food grade flavoringNon-Flavoring ingredients: Propylene Glycol and Ethyl Alcohol Diketone Information, Diacetyl: Not Determined by ManufacturerAcetoin: Not Determined by ManufacturerAcetyl Propionyl: Not Determined by ManufacturerPINK GUAVA SDS


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